Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Vol. 96 no.4

Winter 2023 CHI Quarterly

Just in time for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays! The Winter 2023 issue of Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 96, Number 4) looks at numerous personal perspectives on our Lutheran history. Additionally, it provides our annual Awards of Commendation for 2022 publications, as well as our bibliography of works

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Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Volume 95 Number 4

Winter 2022 CHI Quarterly

How have Lutherans faithfully shared and received the Word of Christ? Read on! The Winter 2022 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 95, no.4) contains two distinct parts: the first provides us with some of what you would have experienced at the 2022 CHI Awards Banquet, the second provides a variety

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Winter 2020 CHI Quarterly

Do you want to rediscover historical Lutheran connections? Then read on! The Winter 2020 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 93, no.4) contains two articles which show just that, Lutheran connections in United States of America history and German-American history. The first article, entitled, “Two Kingdom Theology and Praxis in America:

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Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Winter 2019

Winter 2019 CHI Quarterly

Look what just appeared in the mail! More LCMS Celebration! The Winter 2019 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 92, no.4) is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Concordia Publishing House. To celebrate the anniversary of the publishing house of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, the following articles are provided: “Remembering and

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CHI Historical Footnotes v.63

Historical Footnotes 2018

The combined 2018 issue of the CHI membership newsletter, Historical Footnotes (volume 63 issues 1 and 2), has been released and boy, is it filled with useful information! Articles in this issue include “Access, Access, access!: CHI Archives Catalog Now Accessible on Computer and Smartphone”, “Advancing the Early History of

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Winter 2018 CHI Quarterly

The unpredictable rain-shower of the Word of God is the theme for the Winter 2018 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 91, no.4). This issue contains not only the keynote address by the Rev. Dr. Cameron A. MacKenzie for the 44th annual CHI awards banquet, with it’s theme

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Historical Footnotes Fall Winter 2017

The Fall-Winter 2017 issue (v.62, issue 2) of Concordia Historical Institute’s membership newsletter, Historical Footnotes, has just arrived at CHI and has been taken to our mail vendor. Take a look at what’s inside this outstanding issue: “Lutheran History – Excellence in Publication and Service in 2016″ (a report on

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Winter 2016 CHI Quarterly

The Winter 2016 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 89, no.4) has arrived and should be delivered to your mailbox shortly! It provides us with items from the 2016 CHI Awards Banquet as well as a major article on the history of catechisms in the LCMS! The issue

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