Research of local congregations, schools and church workers may be greatly aided by investigating one of the 35 district archives of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. In order to move Lutheran history forward - together, the district archivists of the LCMS assist Concordia Historical Institute with keeping accurate records of their district entities and workers.

Please check with the LCMS district office to contact a district archivist or to access the district archives.

Listed below are the LCMS district archivists in alphabetic order by district, as well as the link to the district webpage.

Atlantic District

Ms. Marcia E. Kollmann

Minnesota North District

Rev. Mark L. Maunula

Oklahoma District

Mrs. Caroline Honeycutt

California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Minnesota South District

Pacific Southwest District

Mr. Bruce J. Benne

Central Illinois District

Rev. Ralph L. Woehrmann

Missouri District

Rev. Todd D. Zittlow

Rocky Mountain District

Rev. Albert H. Schroeder

Eastern District

Mr. James Brese

Montana District

Rev. Jason C. Menagh

SELC District

Matthew Schademann

English District

Rev. David P. Stechholz

Nebraska District

Rev. David W. Palomaki

South Dakota District

Rev. Robert E. Heckmann

Florida-Georgia District

Ms. Lois Schaefer

New England District

Mr. Kevin D. McCarthy

South Wisconsin District

Indiana District

Rev. Roger W. Olson

New Jersey District

Rev. Anthony Iovine

Southeastern District

Ms. Judith A. Koucky

Iowa East District

Rev. Allen E. Konrad

North Dakota District

Ms. Vicki Peihl

Southern District

Iowa West District

Rev. Aaron Zimmerman

North Wisconsin District

Rev. Ryan Fehrmann

Southern Illinois District

Mrs. Vicki Nicely

Kansas District

Mr. Michael Grau

Northern Illinois District

Mr. John H. Hallman

Texas District

Mrs. Karen Wuensche Lacy

Michigan District

Dr. Barbara J. Adler

Northwest District

Wyoming District

Ms. Tera Rice

Mid-South District

Pat Boysen

Ms. Nancy Lee

Ohio District

Dr. Paul Hoffman

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