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Winter 2018 CHI Quarterly

The unpredictable rain-shower of the Word of God is the theme for the Winter 2018 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 91, no.4). This issue contains not only the keynote address by the Rev. Dr. Cameron A. MacKenzie for the 44th annual CHI awards banquet, with it’s theme of “Back to the Basics”, but three articles that illustrate Luther’s Regenplatz (rain-shower) are provided.

The Rev. Dr. Jack D. Ferguson, a frequent contributor, provides his article on Crawfords Quarry, Michigan, which did have a Lutheran congregation but is no more. An article by Robert Allan Stevens on Charles Anderson and Ansgar College provides a glimpse of a once-promising endeavor to train pastors for the frontier in the mid-1800s, and The Rev. Dr. Milton L. Rudnick, also a frequent contributor, writes about Martin H. Meyer, an impressive lay leader with an impossible mission.

Book reviews are again provided with this issue: Alvin J. Schmidt reviews George Hawley’s “Demography, Culture, and the Decline of America’s Christian Denominations” and James W. Albers reviews Richard Baepler’s “Keeper of the Dream: O.P. Kretzmann”. The issue concludes with “Lutheran History in North America: A Bibliography of Works Published in 2018”, by CHI’s archivist, Todd D. Zittlow, which can also be found on the website.

The Quarterly is sent to all members of the Institute. It is available as a subscription only without membership for $40.00 per year. Single copies are $10.00 for issues published during the past three years and $4.00 for earlier issues. Shipping and handling are extra for back issues.

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