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Winter 2022 CHI Quarterly

Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Volume 95 Number 4

How have Lutherans faithfully shared and received the Word of Christ? Read on! The Winter 2022 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 95, no.4) contains two distinct parts: the first provides us with some of what you would have experienced at the 2022 CHI Awards Banquet, the second provides a variety of ways in which Lutheranism, both inside and outside of America, has faithfully striven to share and receive the Word of Christ.


The Awards Banquet

The issue starts with the invocation by Rev. Professor Robert V. Roethemeyer, given at the annual awards banquet. He is then followed by the list of awards of commendation for 2021 publications in Lutheran history. Next is the citation for the Distinguished Service Award, presented to the Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison. Included in this first part is a heartfelt “In Memoriam: Constance Seddon (October 16, 1938 – October 29, 2022).” Following this tribute to Connie, the Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison’s keynote speech at the awards banquet is presented, which is entitled, “‘Jede Bohne kostet Geld’: Called to a Monumental Task”.

Faithful Lutheranism Outside and Inside America

The remainder of the issue contains a variety of articles on how Lutheranism faithfully shares and receives the Word of Christ. The Rev. Dr. Albert Collver provides his introduction and translation of “An Open Letter to Territorial Bishop D. Meiser in Munich by Hermann Sasse.” This is followed by the Rev. Daryl Gehlbach’s “A Brief History of the Founding of the International Lutheran Deaf Association.” Next, the Rev. Benjamin T. Phelps provides us with “‘Our Congregation Has Joined the Synod of Muehlhaeuser’: An Analysis of Early Laity Perspectives on the Wisconsin Synod.” Following Phelps’ article is Dr. Jerrald K. Pfabe’s “Lutherans, Loyalty, and Language: The Experience of Lutherans in Seward County Nebraska during World War I.” To finish out the issue, our annual listing by the Rev. Todd D. Zittlow, CHI archivist, is provided: “Lutheran History in North America: A Bibliography of Works Published in 2022.”


Only two book reviews are provided in this issue, but with a twist.

Book Review 1

The first review, by Jason D. Lane, is on the Oberurseler Hefte Ergänzungsbände 24: “Der Theologe Hermann Sasse (1895-1976): Einblicke in seine internationale Wirkung als Exeget, Kirchenhistoriker, Systematiker und Ökumeniker”, edited by Werner Klän.

Book Review 2

The second review by CHI’s executive director, Daniel N. Harmelink, is on a series of books, put out under the direction of Robert Scudieri, which are mission biographies in nature. The authors and titles are, “Christine Schulden’s “The Resilient Missionary: The Life Story of Yohannes Mengsteab, A Missionary to America”; Annie Bradley and Julie Dass’ “The Despicable Missionary: How a Young Christian Girl in Pakistan Learned to Defend Her Faith and Love Muslims”; Keriz Rosado’s “The Bulletproof Missionary: Shank Ik Moon’s Journey from North Korea to America”; Marilyn Feldhaus’ “No Accidental Missionary: How an Enemy of the Faith Became a Christian in Saudi Arabia: The Biography of Tesfai Tesema”; Henry Simon’s “The Unexpected Missionary: The True Story of Gagan Gurung, a Hindu-Buddhist from Nepal who Ran Away from His Baptism, But Became a Christian Missionary to America”; and Christine Schulden’s “The Open Eyed Missionary: The True Story of How the Word was Able to Remove the Scales from the Eyes of A Believer in Saudi Arabia: The Making of Missionary Farrukh Kahn.”

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