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The Walther Roundtable is an annual gathering of scholars and students interested in the life and work of C. F. W. Walther. It originated through the efforts of the Institute director, Dr. August R. Suelflow, in 1989 in connection with his research for his biography of Walther. Currently chaired by the Rev. Dr. Thomas Manteufel, professor emeritus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, it is typically held in the conference room of CHI.


  1. To develop a deeper understanding of the life and work of
    C. F. W. Walther;
  2. To gain a new understanding of Walther’s theology
    as a biblical-confessional theologian and its special relevance for today;
  3. To enlarge the circle of Walther scholars and students (Walther Kenner)
    for their theological growth as well as for that of the entire Lutheran
    Church in America;
  4. To overcome some of the misconceptions about Walther and to present
  5. To cultivate a deeper appreciation for the heritage of the church body
    to which we belong;
  6. To give all glory to God in Christ for His great revelation of the
    Gospel and to proclaim (believe, teach and confess) this to each new

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Walther Roundtable XXXI (2019) Agenda
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