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Winter 2020 CHI Quarterly

Do you want to rediscover historical Lutheran connections? Then read on! The Winter 2020 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 93, no.4) contains two articles which show just that, Lutheran connections in United States of America history and German-American history.

The first article, entitled, “Two Kingdom Theology and Praxis in America: A Unique, Differentiating Public Voice of Blessing for All” is by Gregory P. Seltz. This article was originally intended to be his keynote presentation at CHI’s annual awards banquet, which was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The second article, a translation of a letter between LCMS president John W. Behnken and Hermann Sasse, entitled, “Letter to J.W. Behnken from Hermann Sasse Regarding the Bad Boll Conferences – May 14, 1948” is provided by Albert B. Collver III with Charles P. Schaum.

As mentioned, the CHI annual awards banquet was canceled, but we are providing not only the awards given along with the recipients, but also the cover art for each award, since these would be on display at the banquet. To wrap up this issue we provide our yearly bibliography of publications on Lutheranism in North America, produced by CHI archivist Todd D. Zittlow.

Book reviews in this issue include: Ken Schurb’s review of C.F.W. Walther’s “All Glory to God. Walther’s Works”; Klaus Detlev Schulz’s review of Robert L. Rahn’s, “The History of the LHF Work in Sudan and South Sudan”; Martin R. Noland’s review of Andrew Kloes’, “The German Awakening: Protestant Renewal after the Enlightenment, 1815-1848”, and Fred A. Bleeke’s review of Kevin J. Bozant’s, “Bethlehem Orphan Home: New Orleans Refuge”.

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