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Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly: $10.00 for print issues from the past three years (which includes shipping); $4.00 for those
older than three years, with shipping and handling of those issues at $3.00 per copy. Digital copies of CHIQ articles in pdf are $4.00 each.

Historical Footnotes: $2.00 per copy

The following items are also available:

50 Years of Lutheran Convergence (Lutheran Historical Conference)

Albrecht Durer Exhibit Catalog

A Sword Will Pierce Your Own Soul Too: The Life of Mary and the Passion of Christ in the Woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer
A CHI Exhibit Catalog, 15 pages in length, 8 1/2″ x 5 3/4″

A Week in the Life of the LCMS

American Lutheran History in Theological Education

American Lutherans Help Shape World Council (Lutheran Historical Conference)

As Thou Leadest Me
“A collection of letters written by Emilie Lohmann Koenig, who immigrated to America in 1853 to marry a Lutheran pastor in Lafayette, Indiana.”

Best is Yet to Come
A history of the International Lutheran Laymen’s League

Bringing Christ to the Highlands (Papua New Guinea Exhibit Catalog)

CHI Tumblers

CHI Umbrellas

Chronicle of Woodville Normal & Academy (Lutheran Historical Conference)

Concordia Seminary Dedication 1926
Brass Paperweight (2 x 4 inches)


Correspondence of C.F.W. Walther (Roy A. Suelflow)
A collection of letters to and from Walther on the development of the Lutheran Church in Wisconsin.

Doctrinal Resolutions of LCMS National Conventions (CD)


Framed C. F. W. Walther Envelope
A genuine envelope addressed to and received by C. F. W. Walther

From Faith to Faith (VHS) (DVD copies are available from Saxon Lutheran Memorial)

Historical Guide to Lutheran Church Bodies of North America (Lutheran Historical Conference)
Details the growth of Lutherans in North America since the founding of the Ministerium of Pennsylvania in 1748.

How the Missouri Synod was Born (Mark Loest, ed.)
A history of the Missouri Synod by William Gustave Polack

LCMS Constitution 1847: Articles 1 & 2 and signators

Letters of Paul Henkel (Lutheran Historical Conference)

Lutheran Historical Conference (LHC) Essays and Reports Vol 2-22
We no longer sell these but they are now available on EBSCOHost via subscription


Loci Theologici (Martin Chemnitz) facsimile edition

The Lutheran Parochial School: Dates, Documents, Events, People (Wayne E. Schmidt)
A History of Lutheran Education

Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms Poster (Anton Werner), 23 x 36 inches, with information sheet

Medallion Stand (only for those marked *)

Medallion: 150th Anniversary of the LCMS

Medallion: Book of Concord

1 1/2 inch medallion



Medallion: Concordia Seminary Dedication 1926
1 1/2 inch medallion

Medallion: Luther’s Birth (comes cased with stand) *

Medallion: Luther’s Death *


Medallion: Phillipp Melanchthon (comes cased with stand) *

Nine One One: The Aftermath

Notecards: Concordia Historical Institute

Notecards: Log Cabin College


Pause to Ponder (Robert J. Koenig)

A historic novel about the LCMS in Texas

Persons and Events (Ludwig Fuerbringer)
Characterizations of early Lutheran leaders in America, both clergy and laity.

Pressed into Service by the Word of God Exhibit Catalog
Presents detailed information about the exhibit’s 24 rare books and 152 rare coins and medals—historical touchstones that give witness to Martin Luther and the Reformation—the catalog also includes photos of the extensive exhibit display of colorful Reformation “Notgeld” (Emergency Money) from the 1920s and other vintage Luther and Reformation porcelain, smoking pipes, plaques, statues and artwork. Introductory remarks about the exhibit by President Harrison, Dr. Cameron MacKenzie and Dr. Robert Kolb are also included in the publication.

Rainbow of Saris (Janice Kerper Brauer, ed.)
Four true stories of missionary women in India

Red Boots for Christmas

CHI Coin and Medal Collection
The Reformation Coin and Medal Collection of Concordia Historical Institute

Sent Forth by God’s Blessing (DVD)

Unsung Heroes: Missionary Wives


Walking with Wise Men (Roy A. Suelflow)
The 50th anniversary history of the South Wisconsin District

Walther DVD and Soundtrack (available at the Concordia Seminary Store)

Walther Lutheran Witness Reprints
A reprint of articles from the Lutheran Witness on C. F. W. Walther

Walther Portrait


Walther PowerPoint

Walther Sketches
6 different pen and ink sketches from the May 1911 Abendschule, photographically reproduced, 9 x 11 inches
$2.50 each

Custodian Jungkuntz gets Walther before Christmas sermon at Trinity,

Walther Bringing in the Wood,

Grandmother Walther and the Bees,

Little Theodore Lange Visits Doctor Walther,

Walther at the Organ of Holy Cross,

Student honor guard at Walther’s casket

What About… Unchanging Truth in Changing Times


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