Explore the Life and Faith of the original Saxon Lutherans of Perry County

Nestled away in Frohna, Missouri, the Saxon Lutheran Memorial is dedicated to preserving and proclaiming the life and faith of the Saxon Lutheran immigrants. Featuring authentic log cabin homes, buildings and furnishings from the early 1800s, the Saxon Lutheran Memorial enjoys a fifty year history of sharing with the public the pioneer culture and historic Lutheran faith of the original Perry County settlers.

Known across Missouri for craft demonstrations and traditional foods at its annual Fall Festival (the second Saturday in October), the Saxon Lutheran Memorial was designated in 1964 as a historical treasure by the National Park Service and continues to be the destination for school field trips, bus tours and families wanting to re-discover their Lutheran or Perry County roots. Guided tours of the buildings and the courageous settlers who built them are available from SLM’s resident curator. Please call Mrs. Audrey Kennedy to schedule your tour (Tuesdays through Saturdays and Sunday afternoons) at 573-824-5404. Group tours are required to make reservations in advance. (The Saxon Lutheran Memorial is closed December through February.)

The thirty acre site features the log-cabin frame house building that was the home of brothers Wilhelm and Christi33ff3392bf214013ffff9d49ffffe41ean Adolf Bergt. Now restored, the Bergt cabin is furnished with household utensils and furniture from the 19th century.

Other buildings around the Bergt cabin include a log barn, two log buildings (thought to have served as slave quarters for settlers prior to the arrival of the Saxons), a wooden granary, the SLM Visitors’ Center, and an outdoor museum for farm equipment.

A machine shed was added to the site in 1990 and is filled with period machinery. Several buildings with connections to the descendants of the Saxons living in the area have been brought on the SLM site and restored. These include the Fenwick Cabin, the Hamilton-Goehring Cabin, the Schuppan Haus and the newest addition, the 1904 Confirmation Room from Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.

Other buildings have been constructed on the site to depict the customs and way of life of the 19th century settlers: a bake oven, a blacksmith shop and a woodworking shop.

Please consider a visit to re-discover the faith and life of those original Saxon Lutheran immigrants of Perry County. Your prayers and financial support is vital in continuing to maintain and enhance this unique historical landmark.

To receive news about upcoming events at Saxon Lutheran Memorial, please send an email message to: slmhistorymuseum@gmail.com

Contact Information

Saxon Lutheran Memorial
(Currently vacant), Curator
296 Saxon Memorial Dr.
Frohna, MO 63748
Email: slmhistorymuseum@gmail.com
(573) 824-5404

Directions & Maps

From the North:

  1. Take I-55 South to the Brewer exit.
  2. Go South on Rte. 61 to Country Road A.
  3. Turn left (East) on A to Frohna.
  4. At Frohna, turn left (North) on Country Road C and follow it a 1/2 mile.
  5. Turn right onto Saxon Memorial Drive.

From the South:

  1. Take I-55 North to the Fruitland exit.
  2. Go North on Rte. 61 to Country Road A.
  3. Turn right (East) and follow A to Frohna.
  4. The Memorial is just beyond Frohna on the right.
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