With this series, the Institute shares some of the interesting documents, artifacts and publications in our collection. When the series was started in 2012 messages were sent out approximately every two weeks. This changed to a monthly series in 2015.

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A message will be sent via LCMS eNews with an image of the featured item and a brief description. Larger images will be viewable through this page along with more extensive background information on the item that is featured where appropriate.

Items Published in This Series

No. 70: Hus Medal
No. 69: Nativity from Guatemala
No. 68: Log Cabin College Model
No. 67: “Trinity Church” New York Sketch
No. 66: U. S. Army Chaplain’s Jacket
No. 65: Martin Luther Medal (1983)
No. 64: Private Communion Set
No. 63: Papua New Guinea Painting (1970)
No. 62: Papua New Guinea Exhibit
No. 61: Scrapbook of Convention Doodles (1954–1963)
No. 60: “Flowers Plucked in Those Holy Fields” Specimen Book
No. 59: Pest-Damaged Luther’s Works (1553)
No. 58: Addison Seminary Photo Album (circa 1903–1906)
No. 57: Souvenir Sheet Commemorating Martin Luther (1983)
No. 56: Wayang kulit (Shadow puppets)
No. 55: Concordia Seminary Architectural Drawing (Clayton Campus, 1922)
No. 54: “The Ascension”—Albrecht Dürer Woodcut (c. 1511)
No. 53: Initial Teaching Alphabet Arch Book (1970)
No. 52: Wyneken Oil Paintings (1842)
No. 51: Dossal (1951)
No. 50: “Missouri Chirpings” Caricature
No. 49: Needlework Sampler (1838)
No. 48: Archive Work Coat (1940s)
No. 47: Birthday Poem from C. F. W. Walther to his Wife (21 July 1846)
No. 46: India Missionaries Photograph (1902)
No. 45: Mission House Model (1963)
No. 44: German-language Primer (1817)
No. 43: Polish Crèche
No. 42: Altar cloth (1850s)
No. 41: Saint Anna Medal, Second Class (circa 1828–29)
No. 40: WWI Army Mess Kit (1918)
No. 39: Bound Collection of 16th Century Tracts
No. 38: Walther League Scrapbook (1928-1930)
No. 37: Erasmus of Rotterdam Medal (1531)
No. 36: Sketch of the English Conference of 1872
No. 35: Photograph of Wilhelm Sihler
No. 34: Sketch of Cleveland, Ohio (F. Lochner, 1845)
No. 33: Missouri Synod Pastor’s Civil War Diary (July 1863)
No. 32: Double-button carbon KFUO Radio microphone (1920s)
No. 31: African Wood Carving (ca. 1990s)
No. 30: Louisiana Purchase Exposition Materials (1903-1904)
No. 29: Synod Gavel (1911)
No. 28: Baseball Challenge (1876)
No. 27: Crucifix (circa 1868)
No. 26: Lithograph of the Ev. Luth. Orphanage and Church, St. Louis County [Des Peres], Missouri (ca. 1868-1873)
No. 25: Ojibwe-English Dictionary (1903)
No. 24: Wedding Dress (1877)
No. 23: Photograph of Missionary Olive Gruen with seven orphans (1939)
No. 22: Map of German Lutheran Mission Work in North America (1848)
No. 21: Postcard of Concordia College [Theological Seminary], Springfield, Illinois
No. 20: Kettle Crèche (Italy, date unknown)
No. 19: Concordia College Military Uniform (mid-1920s)
No. 18: Wooden Mask from Papua New Guinea (ca. 1967-1971)
No. 17: Index of Luther’s German Writings (1664)
No. 16: Mule Shoe (Concordia Seminary construction?)
No. 15: This Is the Life director’s chair, 16 mm movie reel, script and photograph (1954)
No. 14: Souvenir Baseball signed by the St. Louis Cardinals (ca. 1938-1939)
No. 13: Hindu Temple (model, ca. 1930s)
No. 12: Olbers Passenger List (First Cabin) (November 1838)
No. 11: Wedding Chairs (date unknown)
No. 10: Portrait of Dr. Alfred O. Fuerbringer (1974)
No. 9: Photograph, New Members, Saint Philip Lutheran Church (Chicago, Illinois, 1924)
No. 8: Chinese Dragon Mask
No. 7: The Johann Georg (oil painting by Rev. George H. Hilmer, 1937)
No. 6: Kirchen-Gesang-Buch für Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinden ungänderter Augburgischer Confession (1847)
No. 5: Rev. August Friedrich Craemer’s Marriage Certificate (1845)
No. 4: A Manual of Prayers for Soldiers (1863)
No. 3: Altenburg, Missouri, Parsonage Watercolor (1848)
No. 2: Theodor Walther camera and African American mission slides (circa 1920)
No. 1: C. F. W. Walther Passport (1860)

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