The CHI Awards Program has been in existence since 1974. Each year the Concordia Historical Institute awards committee members have evaluated recent American Lutheran historical works and authors. The committee grants awards on behalf of CHI to individuals, congregations, agencies and boards. CHI recognizes the significant contributions to literature and research in the field of Lutheran archives and history in North America. It is therefore proper for CHI to provide these awards.


Each year the CHI Awards Program presents awards of Commendation for significant contributions to North American Lutheran History. The areas considered for awards include:

  1. Congregation Anniversary or History
  2. District/Synod or Regional History
  3. Institutional History
  4. Family History, Memoir, or Biography
  5. Major Topical/Reference Publications
  6. Journal or Magazine Articles
  7. Historical Recreations, Displays, Performances, Oral History or Motion Pictures
  8. Support for Historical Preservation and Archival Work
  9. Youth (Anyone under 18 entered in any of the above categories.)


If you have written or know of an item that should be considered by our awards committee, please use our Awards Nomination Form (see below) and send the form and two copies of the work (if printed) to CHI.  Items to be considered must be submitted by January 31 of the calendar year for items produced or published during the previous calendar year. Therefore, to illustrate, items to be considered for the 2018 Awards Program should be produced or published during the 2017 calendar year.

Awards Nomination Form (Click Here)

Historic Listing

A historic listing of the awards presented by CHI is found below. It lists the year the award was given, the category of the award, to whom the award was presented and the title of the item which was submitted for consideration.
A variety of sources including Awards Banquet programs, awards committee minutes, Historical Footnotes, the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly, and CHI Press Releases were used to compile this list.

1973Congregation HistoryPetzold, Rudy H.God's Love - Ever Constant, Saint Paul Lutheran Church (Millington, Michigan) 75th Anniversary
1973Congregation HistorySaint Peter Lutheran Church (Detroit, Michigan)Led by the Spirit: 125th Anniversary
1973Congregation HistorySternberg, John R.Joyfully Alive, Saint Peter Lutheran Church (Schaumburg, Illinois) Anniversary Pageant
1973Journal ArticleLutheran WitnessLutheran Witness - Reporter, LC–MS 125th Anniversary
1973Personal ServiceGrimm, A. IraAntigo Publishing Company (Antigo, Wisconsin) for publications of Rev. Alfred Grimm
1973Personal ServiceMeyer, Richard H.Donation of materials from the Japan Mission of the LC–MS, 1949-1972
1973Personal ServiceThompson, Calvin P.Donation of materials from Luther College and Seminary (New Orleans, Louisiana)
1974Congregation HistoryMeier, Louise Nicol125 Years of Grace, Holy Cross Lutheran Church (Collinsville, Illinois)
1974Congregation HistoryZion Lutheran Church (Comstock Park, Michigan)10th Anniversary Publication
1974Journal ArticleFridley, Russell W.Editor of Minnesota History (Fall 1973) "Cultural Homogeneity and Population Stability Among Swedish Immigrants in Chisago County, Minnesota" by Robert C. Ostergren
1974Journal ArticleKivett, Marvin F.Editor of Nebraska History (Spring 1973) "Unge Man, Ga Westerhut" by James I. Dowie
1974Journal ArticleKramer, Gerhardt"Growing Up Lutheran in New Orleans," CHIQ Summer 1973
1974Journal ArticleNelson, Paul C."The Norwegian Lutheran Churches of Northern Story County, Iowa," CHIQ Fall 1973
1974Journal ArticleSchmidt, George P."Holy Cross School: Memories of the First Decade of the 20th Century," CHIQ Fall 1973
1974Journal ArticleThreinen, Norman J."The Stuermer Union Movement in Canada," CHIQ Winter 1973
1974Personal ServiceBoard for Lutheran TelevisionFor donation of This is the Life scripts and selected film prints
1974Personal ServiceConcordia Historical Institute AuxiliaryCHI Women's Auxiliary for Crafts Festival in commemoration of LC–MS 125th Anniversary
1974Personal ServiceInternational Lutheran Laymen's LeagueFor financial support of the CHI microfilm project, etc.
1974Personal ServiceKluender, Marcus RichmannDonation of the Civil War Chaplain‚ Diary of Friederich W. Richmann
1974Personal ServicePaul A. Koepchen EstateDonation of Reformation and American Lutheran lantern slides, research notes, and resources on the Saxon Immigrant from Wm. A. Koepchen
1974Personal ServicePreus, J. A. O.Ongoing donations to CHI
1975Congregation HistoryTrinity Lutheran Church (Elkhart, Indiana)Centennial Anniversary and Celebration
1975Congregation HistoryTrinity Lutheran Church (Spring, Texas)Centennial History
1975EssayKorby, Kenneth F."Wilhelm Loehe and Liturgical Renewal," Essays and Reports V (Lutheran Historical Conference)
1975EssaySchaaf, James L."Wilhelm Loehe and the Ohio Synod," Essays and Reports V (Lutheran Historical Conference)
1975EssaySuelflow, Roy A."Lutheran Confessionalism in the Early Synodical Conference," Essays and Reports V (Lutheran Historical Conference)
1975Journal ArticleAnderson, Avis R."Pastors on the Prairie, Montana," The Magazine of Western History Winter 1974
1975Journal ArticleDaib, Eleanor K., Herbert L., and Walter C."Samuel Wilhelm Herman Daib," CHIQ Winter 1974
1975Journal ArticleHamre, James S."Georg Sverdrup and the Augsburg Plan of Education," Norwegian-American Studies 1974
1975Journal ArticleHamre, James S."John O. Evjen: Teacher, Theologian, Biographer," CHIQ Summer 1974
1975Journal ArticleHolt, Benjamin M."And So They Gave Me a 36-inch Birthday Card: A Remembrance of 90 Years," CHIQ Spring 1974
1975Major PublicationLund, HenrietteOf Eskimos and Missionaries: Lutheran Eskimo Missions in Alaska, 1894-1973
1975Personal ServiceConcordia Publishing HouseFinancial support of an LC–MS bibliography
1975Personal ServiceKovac, Dr. and Mrs. JohnDonation of iron used in Slovak Lutheran homes to bake wafers for special Christmas services
1975Personal ServicePiper, Mr. and Mrs. VernonFinancial support of Saxon Lutheran Memorial
1976Congregation HistoryBuchheimer, E. H.A Golden Rose of Remembrance, 1925-1975: A history of Our Savior Lutheran Church (Detroit, Michigan)
1976Congregation HistorySaint John Lutheran Church (Pecatonica, Illinois)Centennial packet with centennial history, specials orders of worship, etc.
1976Congregation HistorySaint Paul Lutheran Church (Eden, New York)One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years, 1849-1974
1976EssaySuelflow, August R."Remembering Zion: Theological Glue," Minutes and Reports of the 12th Archivists' and Historians' Conference 1975
1976Journal ArticleArmentrout, Don S."Lutheran-Episcopal Conversations in the Nineteenth Century," Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church XLIV:2,
1976Journal ArticleEllwanger, Walter H."Lutheranism in Alabama and Other Parts of the South," CHIQ Summer 1975
1976Journal ArticleFredrich, Edward C."Bading and the Formative Presidency of the Wisconsin Synod," Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly April 1975
1976Journal ArticleFry, C. George"Matthias Loy: Theologian of American Lutheran Orthodoxy," The Springfielder March 1975
1976Journal ArticleJohnson, Niel M."The Missouri Synod Lutherans and the War Against the German Language, 1917-1923," Nebraska History Spring 1975
1976Journal ArticleKramer, William A."Life in Perry County, Missouri, at the Turn of the Century," CHIQ Spring 1975 (Kramer was also recognized for his transcription work of Fraktur script for CHI.)
1976Journal ArticleSchuetze, Armin W."Muehlhaeuser, Founding Father of the Wisconsin Synod," Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly July 1975
1976Major PublicationConcordia Publishing HouseRevision of Lutheran Cyclopedia
1976Personal ServiceBuenger, RichardFor outstanding financial support of CHI
1976Personal ServiceHoelter, Theodore E.For donating original musical manuscripts and programs from the 1893 LCMS Convention
1976Personal ServiceMueller, HansFor an accurate and thorough four-year index of the CHIQ 1972-1975
1976Personal ServiceSaint Paul Lutheran Church (Serbin, Texas)For the transmission and permanent loan of congregational records and official acts
1977Congregation HistorySalem Lutheran Church (Springdale, Arkansas)Congregational History
1977Family HistoryMiller, ElfriedaMemoirs of Albert H. Miller and the Miller Family History
1977Institutional HistoryGobbel, RogerOn the Glorious Hill (History of Gettysburg Seminary)
1977Institutional HistorySherer, MichaelStepping Boldly into Our Nation's Third Century (Iowa District - American Lutheran Church)
1977Journal ArticleKukkonen, Walter J."The Ministry of Enabling: The Finnish Tradition in the Lutheran Church in America" Lutheran Quarterly November 1976
1977Journal ArticleMetcalf, Michael"Dr. Carl Magnus Wrangel and Pre-Revolutionary Pennsylvania Politics," The Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly October 1976
1977Major PublicationAnderson, AlbertWith Wartburg Theological Seminary for: Gospel, Church, Mission (biographical sketch of Dr. Kent S. Knutson), Augsburg Publishing House
1977Major PublicationJones, George Fenwich and Wilson, RenateDetailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants Who Settled in America (Ebenezer, GA)
1977Oral HistoryScharlemann, Martin H.Oral interviews with E. K. Scharlemann, printed in CHIQ 49:1-4
1977Personal ServiceBorgelt, AlvinMissouri Federation of Aid Association for Lutherans Branches for financial support of Saxon Lutheran Memorial
1977Personal ServiceBornemann, George W.For negotiating the donation of the papers of Adolph Brux to CHI
1977Personal ServiceCarino, Alvaro A.For donating his personal files to CHI
1978Congregation HistoryBernreuter, LudwigHitherto Hath the Lord Helped Us: The Story of St. Michael‚ Lutheran Church and the Community of Richville, Michigan
1978Journal ArticleAALAid Association for Lutherans, The Correspondent, depiction of its museums, archives, etc.
1978Journal ArticleChrislock, Carl H."Name Change and the Church, 1918-1920," Norwegian-American Studies
1978Journal ArticleNoon, Thomas R.Series of articles on African-American Lutheran history, CHIQ
1978Journal ArticleWhite, Joyce L."The Affiliation of Seven Swedish Lutheran Churches with the Episcopal Church," Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church
1978Journal ArticleWolf, Edward C."Lutheran Hymnody and Music Published in America, 1700-1850: A Descriptive Bibliography," CHIQ
1978Major PublicationAmerican Lutheran ChurchWorld Mission ALC: Program and Review, 1977-1979, The Division for World Mission and Inter-Church Cooperation of the American Lutheran Church
1978Major PublicationKuhlmann, Gustave A.Johnnie Heritage (Saint John College, Winfield, Kansas)
1978Major PublicationLundeen, Joel W.Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow: A Guide to the Archives of the Lutheran Church in America
1978Major PublicationsLutheran Theological Seminary, Saint Paul, MinnesotaStriving for Ministry: Centennial Essays Interpreting the Heritage of Luther Theological Seminary, (Festschrift)
1978Non-Print MediaLC–MS. Board for Black Ministry ServicesDramatic presentation of the Black Lutheran Centennial Committee at the 1977 LC–MS Convention
1978Non-Print MediaTimothy Lutheran Church, Saint Louis, MissouriMultimedia presentation of its 50 year history
1978Personal ServicePlischke, Walter J.Translation of Auswanderung der Sächsischen Lutheraner im Jahre 1838
1978Personal ServiceRehwinkel, Alfred M.Donation of personal papers
1979Congregation HistorySaint Paul Lutheran Church (Sherwood, Oregon)Creative historic research relating to its centennial history
1979Congregation HistoryTrinity Lutheran Church (Islip, New York)50th Anniversary History
1979Journal ArticleKramer, William and Moldenhauer, Roger"The Doederlein Diary," CHIQ
1979Journal ArticleMain, Elaine"The Fräulein Chooses Backwoods Iowa," Palimpsest
1979Major PublicationBoozer, Mary ElizabethBethel Lutheran Church (White Rock, South Carolina) Pastors
1979Major PublicationKnudsen, JohannesThe Formation of the Lutheran Church in America
1979Major PublicationNau, JohnNau! Mission Inspired (Biography of Henry Nau)
1979Major PublicationsReinke, RalphWith Concordia Publishing House for Concordia Heritage Series
1979Personal ServiceNaumann, GottfriedTranslation of 19th century satire of the LCMS, Raphael‚ Thraenen
1979Personal ServiceBredemeier, Herbert G.For transferring records of Concordia Junior and Senior Colleges, Fort Wayne, Indiana
1979Personal ServiceMueller, Ernst H. R.Translating and transcribing many German Fraktur letters and documents
1979PreservationImmanuel Lutheran Church (Pilot Knob, Missouri)For efforts to restore and preserve its historic sanctuary
1980ChapterJordahl, Leigh D."American Lutheranism: Ethos, Style, and Polity," The Lutheran Church in North American Life
1980Congregation HistorySaint Peter Lutheran Church (Fairview, Michigan)Congregational History
1980Congregation HistoryTrinity Lutheran Church (Del Ray Beach, Florida)Congregational History
1980Journal ArticleArndt, Karl J. R."Missouri and Bad Boll, 1948," CHIQ Spring 1979
1980Journal ArticleJohnson, Emory"Swedish Elementary Schools in Minnesota Lutheran Congregations," Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly July 1979
1980Journal ArticleLindberg, Duane E."Norwegian-American Pastors in Immigrant Fiction, 1870-1920," Norwegian American Studies 28
1980Journal ArticleMunch, Peter A."Authority and Freedom: Controversy in Norwegian-American Congregations," Norwegian American Studies 28
1980Journal ArticleTelleen, Jane"Yours in the Master's Service: Emmy Evald and the Women‚ Missionary Society of the Augustana Lutheran Church, 1892-1942," Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly July 1979
1980Major PublicationConcordia Publishing HouseFor a facsimile of Luther's Small Catechism (Wittenberg, 1531)
1980Non-Print MediaNorthwestern State University-LouisianaCalvin Peter Thompson: Man of His Times (A Drama)
1980Other, PrintAid Association for LutheransFor a Commemoration Brochure of the 450th Anniversary of the First Issuance of Luther's Small Catechism
1980Personal ServiceBrunn, Walter F.For donations to CHI relating to Friedrick Brunn
1980Personal ServiceHirsch, RobertFor dedicatory address of the CHI addition: "That We May Know," CHIQ Summer 1979
1980Personal ServiceMarmor, HelenNBC News for supporting news coverage of the religious community
1981Congregation HistorySaint Peter Lutheran Church (Dorchester, Wisconsin)100th Anniversary History
1981Family HistoryBirkmann, Herbert F.Brief Biographies of My Parents, Gotthilf and Helene Birkmann
1981Family HistoryBurmeister, DorothyThe Family Twillmann
1981Major PublicationAugsburg PublishingThe Struggle for Lutheran Unity and Consolidation in the USA from the Late 1930s to the Early 1970s, Edward C. Fendt, 1980
1981Major PublicationBergendoff, ConradThe Augustana Ministerium: A Study of the Careers of the 2500 Pastors of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod/Church, 1880-1962
1981Major PublicationGlatfelter, Charles H.Pastors and People: German Lutheran and Reformed Churches in the Pennsylvania Field, 1717-1793
1981Major PublicationSchiotz, Fredrick A.One Man‚ Story
1981Major PublicationSuelflow, AugustReligious Archives: An Introduction
1981Non-Print MediaInternational Lutheran Laymen's LeagueAudio-visual resources for 50th anniversary of the Lutheran Hour
1981Non-Print MediaIlott, PamelaCBS-TV for commemorative of the 450th Anniversary of the Augsburg Confession
1981Personal ServiceFreiburger, Paul M.For various activities including supporting the district archives program
1981Personal ServiceHeld, GeorgeDonation of Meissen China
1981Personal ServiceKlammer, Kal K.With Paul Bogan, Sr., Fred Kramer, and Louise Krueger for translating 2500 pages of German materials of Trinity Lutheran Church (Springfield, Illinois)
1981Personal ServiceStahlke, EstherHistorian of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League
1982Congregation HistoryConcordia Lutheran Church (Conover, North Carolina)Hope is Remembering with Praise
1982Congregation HistoryImmanuel Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota)Old Immanuel Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN 125th Anniversary
1982Congregation HistoryTrinity First Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota)Trinity First Lutheran Congregation, Minneapolis, MN
1982Congregation HistoryTrinity Lutheran Church (Lincoln, Nebraska)Trinity Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE
1982Journal ArticleMelloh, Ardith K."Grandfather's Songbooks or the Psamodikon in America," The Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly 32:4
1982Journal ArticleZimmermann, E. C."Henry Signaro Midsuno: A Japan Mission in 1895," CHIQ Fall 1981
1982Major PublicationFlesner, Dorris A.American Lutherans Help Shape World Council
1982Major PublicationSuelflow, AugustSelected Writings of C. F. W. Walther
1982Personal ServiceMarquardt, ReinholdTranscription of German Fraktur manuscripts
1983Congregation HistoryEmmanuel Lutheran Church (Seymour, Indiana)Parish History
1983Congregation HistoryMedler, MeredithBuilt on a Rock : a Centennial History of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Cloud, Minnesota
1983Congregation HistoryTrinity Lutheran Church (Winfield, Kansas)Parish History
1983District/Regional HistoryWehr, PaulLike a Mustard Seed: The Slavia Settlement
1983Family HistoryHopkins, Margaret Lail and Lail, James D.The Lagle / Lail Family in America
1983Institutional HistoryMiller, Frank W.Camp Arcadia, the First 60 Years
1983Journal ArticleThe Saturday Evening PostFor an article on a major church
1983Major PublicationRepp, Arthur C.Luther's Catechism Comes to America
1983Non-Print MediaEbel, A. JamesKOLN (Lincoln, Nebraska) for television documentary
1983Non-Print MediaLC–MS‚ Nebraska DistrictMulti-media centennial history presentation
1983Non-Print MediaNiermann, WalterPioneering use of video tape in recording contemporary history
1983Non-Print MediaSchlueter, Reginald W.Educational and historical displays
1983Personal ServiceGoetsch, Ronald W.Pioneering leadership in district archives
1983Personal ServiceOtte, Gilbert T.For having been a master teacher in conveying archival techniques
1984Congregation HistoryHoly Cross Lutheran Church (Saint Louis)Holy Cross Ev. Lutheran Church, St. Louis, MO
1984District/Regional HistoryBrokenhead Lutheran Historical SocietyFor research in regional Lutheran history
1984Journal ArticleThe Lutheran JournalFor presentation on Martin Luther
1984Journal ArticleThe Lutheran WitnessFor series on Martin Luther
1984Major PublicationEklund, EmmetPeter Fjellstedt: Missionary Mentor to Three Continents
1984Major PublicationMeyer, Scott J.Fifty Years in the Footsteps of Walther: Biography of William C. Kohn
1984Non-Print MediaBarnard, MichaelFor creative use of telecast video of a worship service
1984Non-Print MediaDevantier, PaulGod's Love...Reaching
1984Personal ServiceBrueckmann, MarthaVolunteer work
1984Personal ServiceHirsch, RobertFor patronage of historical work
1984Personal ServiceSaint Paul Lutheran Church (Addison, Illinois)For exemplary translations
1984Personal ServiceSepmeyer, MerlinObtaining pictures for CHI
1984Personal ServiceStueve, MelObtaining pictures for CHI
1984ThesisPakkala, AlaineThe Instrumental Music of the Finnish-American Community in the Great Lakes Region, 1880-1930
1985Congregation HistoryPeace Lutheran Church (Des Moines, Iowa)Historical slide presentation
1985Congregation HistoryTrinity Lutheran Church (Springfield, Missouri)Congregational History
1985Family HistoryGnuse, Donald K.Kings and Queens, Serfs and Commoners: The Gnuse Family Tree
1985Family HistoryGottschalk, Norma HabeckThe Garbisch Garden
1985Institutional HistoryBethesda Lutheran Home80th Anniversary Exhibit
1985Institutional HistoryCole, EstherLWML Zone History
1985Institutional HistorySchroeder, Morton A.A Time to Remember: An Informal History of Dr. Martin Luther College, 1884-1984
1985Journal ArticleBarton, H. ArnoldThe Swedish American Historical Quarterly, Festschrift Issue for Nils William Olsson
1985Major PublicationWesterberg, Kermit B., et alExhaustive Reference Guide to Swedish Americana produced by The Swedish American Historical Society, Inc.
1985Oral HistoryMartin, H. LawrencePrinted oral history interview of Chaplain Captain Raymond Charles Hohenstein
1985Personal ServiceKlabunde, NormaLWML District Historian
1985Personal ServiceKramer, FredStaunch and consistent patronage of various historical projects
1985Personal ServicePiper, Vernon W.Financial support of SLM
1986Congregation HistoryImmanuel Lutheran Church (Preston, Maryland)Congregational History
1986Congregation HistoryRedeemer Lutheran Church (Hyattsville, Maryland)Multimedia Congregational History
1986Family HistoryMensing, MorellaMoments to Cherish, Memories to Share
1986Institutional HistoryNational Lutheran Campus MinistryNational Lutheran Campus Ministry: The First 80 Years
1986Journal ArticleElbert, E. Duane"The American Roots of German Lutheranism in Illinois," Illinois Historical Journal, Summer 1985
1986Journal ArticlePies, Timothy Mark"The Beginning of Lutheran and Catholic Education in Michigan‚ Saginaw Valley," CHIQ, 58:1-2
1986Journal ArticleSalvaneschi, Lenore M.Series of articles on the life of Lutheran pastors and their families
1986Personal ServiceJohnson, Harry F.Service to Lutheran Chippewa Indian Cemetery (Saint Louis, Michigan)
1986Personal ServiceStewart, LesterService to CHI
1986PreservationHartfield, Paul W.With Saint Paul Lutheran (Serbin, Texas)
1986PreservationSchultz, TomWith Trinity Lutheran Church (Detroit, Michigan) for computerizing their official records
1987Congregation HistoryImmanuel Lutheran Church (Bay City, Michigan)Congregational History
1987Congregation HistoryKinder, Elroy F. et alHanover Lutheran Church (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)
1987Family HistoryKastens, DennisNeuhart Chronicle
1987Institutional HistoryHohle, PhilipVideo on Concordia Lutheran College (Austin, Texas)
1987Journal ArticleStumpf, Eric C."Memories of Graduates, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, 1910-1923," CHIQ, Summer 1986
1987Major PublicationHamre, JamesGeorg Sverdrup: Educator, Theologian, Churchman
1987Major PublicationSolberg, RichardLutheran Higher Education in North America
1987Personal ServiceDorn, OttoService to CHI
1987Personal ServiceLuebke, Martin and DorothyCurators of Saxon Lutheran Memorial
1988Congregation HistoryHanlin, Becky, and Karen WoodFrom Our Beginnings - 75th anniversary of Immanuel Lutheran Church (Schleswig, Iowa)
1988Family HistoryLoeber, Anita and Tekla500 Years: A Genealogy of the Loeber Family
1988Journal ArticleMahsman, David"From the First President," Lutheran Witness, 8-part series
1988Journal ArticleMoulds, Kristine"The Westernmost Missionary," Lutheran Witness
1988Major PublicationBickel, A. M.The Emigrant: about those who left their home to found our communities in the United States : emigrants from the Lueneburger Heide
1988Major PublicationCarino, Letty-JaneFil-Am, Saga of a Missionary Wife
1988Major PublicationHahn, Reuben W.For his valuable account of his ministry as first Secretary of Campus Ministry of LC–MS
1988Major PublicationLagerquist, L. DeAneFrom Our Mother's Arms: A History of Women in the American Lutheran Church
1988Non-Print MediaSchnake, Luke and JaneZion Lutheran Church (Marengo, Illinois): Congregational History Video
1988Other, PrintPals, HarlanLutheran Brotherhood, calendar depicting historic Lutheran churches in America
1988Personal ServiceMeier, Everette W.Transcription and translation of 800+ pages of Walther essays
1988Personal ServiceWeinhold, DorothyPersonal volunteer service through the CHI Auxiliary
1988PreservationSternberg, John R.For restoring the 1848 church building of Saint Peter Lutheran Church (Schaumburg, Illinois) as a museum
1989Congregation HistorySaint John Lutheran Church (Pinconning, Michigan)Centennial Anniversary (1888-1988) History
1989Congregation HistorySchmand, Delbert A.Centennial History of First Lutheran Church (Little Rock, Arkansas)
1989District/Regional HistoryHoogstraten, FrankWith the LC–MS Kansas District for the video: Catch the Vision: A Centennial Tribute
1989District/Regional HistoryMatteson, Jean and EdithBlossoms of the Prairie: The History of the Danish Lutheran Churches in Nebraska
1989Family HistoryMayes, Jim and Nola MundtThe Mundt Families
1989Family HistorySchmick, William G.From the Steppes to the Land of Pleasant Living: a History of the John W. Schmick Family
1989Journal ArticleOlson, Oliver K.Lutheran Quarterly: Spring 1988 issue focused on The Church in New Sweden
1989Journal ArticleTrexler, EdgarThe Lutheran: final commemorative issue focused on the Lutheran Church in America (LCA)
1989Major PublicationEklund, EmmetHis Name is Jonas: A Biography of Jonas Swensson
1989Personal ServiceBoehlke, LeroyFor activity dealing with the history, culture, and life of the first Lutheran church in Wisconsin
1989Personal ServiceWesterhaus, MartinFor developing the archives of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)
1989PreservationCamann, EugeneWith The Historical Society of North German Settlements in Western New York for preservation and use of two historic buildings, Das Haus and Der Stall
1990Community HistoryGoosen, Evelyn von Holten, and Leonard BrauerHier Snackt wi Plattdütsch = Here We Speak Low German: the story of Cole Camp, Missouri
1990Congregation HistoryImmanuel Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota)Congregational History
1990Congregation HistoryNordbrock, RichardThe Story of Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church (Country Club Hills, Illinois)
1990District/Regional HistoryThreinen, Norman J.Like a Mustard Seed, a centennial history of the Ontario District
1990Family HistoryPodoll, BrianBound by Blood and Name: a history and genealogies of the Podoll families in Prussia and America
1990Journal ArticleChristianity TodayNovember 3, 1989 issue on American Lutheranism
1990Journal ArticleNoland, Martin R."Comprehending Missouri's Dissent: Holding Fast to Grace," Lutheran Forum, February 1989
1990Major PublicationHuber, DonaldEducating Lutheran Pastors in Ohio, 1830-1980
1990Personal ServiceDay, Gilbert and NadineCommittee work, financial support, and volunteerism
1991Congregation HistoryClayton, Gary et alDescending Love - Ascending Praise: 1840-1990: Saint Paul Lutheran Church (Concordia, Missouri)
1991Congregation HistoryWeber, Mary LouA Heritage of Faith: Immanuel Lutheran Church (Elk Creek, Nebraska)
1991Institutional HistoryErnstmeyer, Milton S.They Shall Not March Alone: glimpses into the life and history of the chaplaincy of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
1991Institutional HistoryLeske, ElmoreConcordia: 100 Years, Murtoa-Adelaide (Concordia College, Adelaide, Australia)
1991Institutional HistoryNordquist, Philip A.Educating for Service: Pacific Lutheran University 1890-1990
1991Journal ArticleWesterhaus, Martin O."The Confessional Lutheran Emigrations from Prussia and Saxony around 1839," Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly (Series)
1991Major PublicationNichol, Todd W.Translation of Vivacious Daughter: Seven Lectures on the Religious Situation among Norwegians in America by Herman Amberg
1991Personal ServiceRehmer, RudolphCareer Contributions
1991PreservationSaint John Lutheran Church (New York City, New York)Restoration of the historic church building
1992Congregation HistoryEmanuel Lutheran Church (Santa Barbara, California)Celebrating 75 Years
1992Congregation HistoryFliege, StuartBulletin insert series/essays for the 150th anniversary of Trinity Lutheran Church (Springfield, Illinois)
1992Congregation HistoryPappin, Carol BethA Century in Christ, A Future in Faith: Saint John Lutheran Church (Pembroke, Ontario)
1992Family HistoryGlamann Sr., DarylThe Heritage: history of the Glamanns of Atchison and Doniphan Counties, Kansas
1992Institutional HistorySaint Paul Lutheran Church (Arlington, Nebraska)Come That You May Learn
1992Journal ArticleHartzell, Eric"Mission Zeal of the Infant Wisconsin Synod, 1850-1893," WELS Historical Institute Journal, 9:1-2
1992Major PublicationGable, Ann HinkleThe Pastoral Years of Rev. Anthony Henckel, 1692-1717
1992Major PublicationJohnson, Jeff G.Black Christians: The Untold Lutheran Story
1992Personal ServiceBoda, Mr. and Mrs. SamuelFor volunteer services
1992Personal ServiceDannehl, Ruth ProftMembership program for CHI
1992Personal ServiceGrebing, DoreneSupport of Saxon Lutheran Memorial and CHI
1992Personal ServiceKuether, HansDonation of personal collection
1993Congregation HistoryBruner, Charles et alSaint John Evangelical Lutheran Church of Okarche (Canadian County, Oklahoma) 1892-1992
1993Congregation HistoryScharnberg, DarrellOur God, Our Help in Ages Past, Our Hope for Years to Come, 1892-1992, First English Lutheran Church (Spencer, Iowa)
1993Journal ArticleGrindal, Gracia"Dano-Norwegian Hymnody in America," Lutheran Quarterly, Autumn 1992
1993Journal ArticleStiemke, Grace"A Mid-20th Century Dakota Parsonage," WELS Historical Institute Journal, October 1992
1993Major PublicationGotwald Jr., Luther A.The Gotwald Trial Revisited
1993Major PublicationHansen, ThorvaldThe Church Divided: Lutheranism Among the Danish Immigrants
1993Major PublicationHidy, Ross F.Eddie Spirer: The Little Minister
1993Major PublicationOlson, Jeannine E.One Ministry, Many Roles: Deacons and Deaconesses through the Centuries
1993Major PublicationPankow, Fred75 Years of Blessings and the Best is Yet to Come! (Lutheran Laymen's League)
1993Major PublicationSauer, TheodoreTo Every Nation, Tribe, Language, and People (centennial of WELS Missions)
1993Non-Print MediaRitoch, Mr. and Mrs. DavidA Century Preparing for Eternity, Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (Garfield, New Jersey)
1993Personal ServiceClarkson, Mr. and Mrs. J. KenseyProducing a special kiosk for CHI at the 1992 LC–MS Convention
1993PreservationExler, Mary et alHanover Lutheran Church (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) for preservation of buildings and museum, etc.
1994Congregation HistoryKamprath, Steve100 Years of God‚ Grace, 1892-1992, a centennial history of Zion Lutheran Church (Paulina, Iowa)
1994Congregation HistoryWeiser, Frederick S.The Lutheran Church on the Conewago at Hanovertown, Saint Matthew Lutheran Church (Hanover, Pennsylvania)
1994Family HistoryMayes, Nola Elisabeth Mundt and James Harold MayesThe Koopman Families
1994Institutional HistoryKaden, Kenneth P.A Century of Service, centennial history of Concordia College (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
1994Journal ArticleBernthal, Edward H. and Wilmar F."Letters from San Francisco: 1906-1931," CHIQ, Fall 1993
1994Journal ArticleJohnson, John F."The Practicality of History," CHIQ, Winter 1993
1994Major PublicationGustafson, David A.Lutherans in Crisis: The Question of Identity in the American Republic
1994Non-Print MediaDevantier, PaulEaster Alive 'Round the World
1994Non-Print MediaSchwarz, RobertI am a Promise, video segment on the retirement of Fred Martin from Saint Peter Lutheran Church (Arlington Heights, Illinois)
1994Personal ServiceMeyer, Scott and EuniceService to CHI
1995Congregation HistoryBarnes, LloydA History of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (Zanesville, Ohio) 1944-1994
1995Congregation HistoryHouseholder, TerryThe History of Immanuel Lutheran Church (Avilla, Indiana) 1844-1994
1995Family HistoryTruax, Patricia LeeTruax-Kemp and Mrazek-Bell Ancestors through All Generations
1995Journal ArticleGranquist, Mark A."Swedish-American Lutherans and Missions," Essays and Reports of the Lutheran Historical Conference, 15
1995Journal ArticleMcArver, Susan Wilds"A Spiritual Wayside Inn: Urban Missionary Work in the New South, 1900-1920," Essays and Reports of the Lutheran Historical Conference, 15
1995Journal ArticleRichardson, James Fremont"A Mission for Orphans in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod: A Brief History of Martin Luther Orphan's Home at Brook Farm, West Roxbury, Massachusetts (1871-1945)," CHIQ, Winter 1994
1995Journal ArticleThreinen, Norman J."C. F. W. Walther: Model of Spiritual Formation in a Confessional Lutheran Context," Lutheran Theological Review, VI
1995Journal ArticleThreinen, Norman J."Wyneken and the 19th Century German Lutheranism," Essays and Reports of the Lutheran Historical Conference, 15
1995Major PublicationKrafft, NormanBeloved Brother: Bootleg and Bounty, Frankenmuth and the 1930s
1995Major PublicationPreus, J. A. O.The Second Martin: The Life and Theology of Martin Chemnitz
1995Non-Print MediaDevantier, Paul and Jim LikensWarrior of God, Man of Peace (video on J. A. O. Preus)
1995Personal ServiceNaumann, Gottfried H.
1995Personal ServiceOswald, Martin P.Service at Hill of Peace Lutheran Church (Friedenberg, Missouri)
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