The Auxiliary of Concordia Historical Institute

Dedicated to assisting Concordia Historical Institute in its mission of trumpeting the redeeming work of Christ in the life of the Lutheran church, Auxiliary members volunteer their service in:
• cultivating a deeper interest in Lutheran history
• hosting quarterly meetings to hear special guests speak on historical topics
• keeping members and friends of the Auxiliary informed of upcoming CHI events and programs
• providing opportunities for members and friends to financially support specific projects at CHI

Membership in the CHI Auxiliary is $15 annually, due at the beginning of the Auxiliary program year in October. (Membership in the Auxiliary is in addition to individual CHI membership.)

Officers of the CHI Auxiliary

Mrs. Pauline Kolb, President
Mr. Gregory Sprich, Vice President
Mr. Richard Herzog, Secretary
Ms. Nancy Fassold, Treasurer
Open, Membership Chair
Mrs. Carol Schmidt, Social Chair

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