The Auxiliary of Concordia Historical Institute

Dedicated to assisting Concordia Historical Institute in its mission of trumpeting the redeeming work of Christ in the life of the Lutheran church, members of The Auxiliary of Concordia Historical Institute volunteer their service in:
• cultivating a deeper interest in Lutheran history
• hosting quarterly meetings to hear special guests speak on historical topics
• keeping members and friends of the Auxiliary informed of upcoming CHI events and programs
• providing opportunities for members and friends to financially support specific projects at CHI

Membership in the CHI Auxiliary is $15 annually, due at the beginning of the Auxiliary program year in October. (Membership in the Auxiliary is in addition to individual CHI membership.)

Officers of the CHI Auxiliary

Mrs. Susan Hammond, President
Mr. Gregory Sprich, Interim Vice President
Mrs. Carol Schmidt, Secretary
Mrs. Alice Kastens, Treasurer
Ms. Carol Spyers, Membership Chair
Mr. Gregory Sprich, Social Chair

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Current Projects of The Auxiliary

There are a fair number of Walther Sermons that remain untranslated. Therefore, The Auxiliary is sponsoring a project to have these remaining untranslated sermons rendered into English. See the Auxiliary of CHI’s Walther Sermon Project flyer to learn more!

Concordia Historical Institute, in past years, had all the Concordia Seminary, St. Louis class composites on display in the CHI lobby. Because of space considerations, this display had to be taken down. In order to allow patrons and visitors to continue to view the class composites, the Auxiliary of Concordia Historical Institute is sponsoring a project to digitize the composites and display them on an LED display in the lobby. See the Auxiliary of CHI’s Concordia Seminary class composite project flyer to learn more!

Upcoming Events

The CHI Auxiliary is sponsoring an open house to greet the Rev. President P.R. Selvaraj, Concordia Theological Seminary, Nagercoil, India. The event will take place May 24, 2024  from 2:30 p.m to 4:15 p.m. at Concordia Historical Institute.

President Selvaraj will provide a historical presentation in the CHI conference room at 4:30 p.m. Reservations are requested for this event by May 15.

Auxiliary of CHI May 2024 Open House Flyer

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