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Summer 2019 CHI Quarterly

Summer 2019 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly

The Summer 2019 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 92, no.2) is in some ways a continuation from previous issues.

The lead article from Benjamin Nickodemus concerns the LCMS India mission, which was the focus of the previous issue. His article is entitled, “Did Christ Not Come to Save These?: MELIM’s First Native Indian Pastor and His Tireless Ministry to Sambavar Indians.” The next article, “The Introduction of Contemporary Worship Music into The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod” by Samuel Eatherton, is an interview-based article which compliments a 2017 CHIQ article. An article by Thomas Manteufel, entitled, “The Election of Grace in the Last Chapter of Confessing the Gospel and Dr. Walther’s Teaching,” is his 2018 Walther Roundtable presentation. The final article, “Why Mount Olive Lutheran Church?”, is a sermon by the editor given at the 125th anniversary of Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Book reviews in this issue include: Gerald Perschbacher’s review of John Fea’s “The Bible Cause—A History of the American Bible Society,” Craig Muehler’s review of Ronit Y. Stahl’s “Enlisting Faith: How the Military Chaplaincy Shaped Religion and State in Modern America,” and Timothy P. Dost’s “Walther’s Works: American-Lutheran Pastoral Theology.

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