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Fall 2020 CHI Quarterly

Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly v.93 no.3

Not all mission endeavors are alike, and thank God for that! The Fall 2020 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 93, no.3) contains three articles which show how missions take different forms to address the needs of those to whom God showers his grace.

The first article and second articles inform us of two mission endeavors in campus ministry, trumpeting the 100th anniversary of Lutheran Campus Ministry in the LCMS and WELS. The first article, entitled, “A Brief History of Calvary Lutheran University Chapel at the University of Wisconsin-Madison 1920-1964” is by Christopher Royce. The second article, by CHIQ book editor, Ken Schurb, is entitled, “On the Cusp of Opportunity: Erich Heintzen’s Campus Ministry at Illinois”. The third and last article is by frequent contributor David J. Zersen, entitled, “Differing Dreams – All One Ministry: Lutheran Missionary to India B.P. Hahn”. It is a fitting end to the 125-year anniversary of LCMS foreign missions and shows a personal side to missionary life and work.

Book reviews in this issue include: Jason D. Lane’s review of Charles P. Schaum and Albert B. Collver III’s, “Breath of God, Yet Work of Man: Scripture, Philosophy, Dialogue, and Conflict”, Ken Schurb’s review of Matthew E. Borrasso’s, “The Art of Exegesis: An Analysis of the Life and Work of Martin Hans Franzmann”, Martin R. Noland’s review of John T. Pless, Roland Ziegler, and Joshua C. Miller’s, “Promising Faith for a Ruptured Age: An English-Speaking Appreciation of Oswald Bayer”, and Ralph Woehrmann’s review of Carl R. Ziebell’s, “I Walk With Angels: The Life and Work of James Engel.”

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