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Online Donations and Memberships

Donate Now and Memberships available online

It is now even more convenient to renew your membership or make a donation to the ministry of Concordia Historical Institute because online donations and memberships are now available on the CHI website!

CHI is excited to announce that donations and membership renewals can be made via our DONATE NOW and MEMBERSHIP button on the top of the CHI website, concordiahistoricalinstitute.org

In consultation with Lutheran Federal Credit Union, CHI has partnered with Givecloud to provide this opportunity to both first-time and continuing patrons and members.

We encourage you to check out this convenient feature that allows you the flexibility of renewing / upgrading your CHI membership, or making a donation that will help in moving Lutheran history forward.  We especially encourage you to consider the convenience of automatically recurring monthly payments to CHI.

If you have any questions or concerns about using the online donation and membership features on the CHI website, please call us at 314-505-7900 or email Ms. Kristen Muehler, CHI’s Member and Donor Coordinator (Monday – Friday, 9:00AM — 3:30PM, CST).

Concordia Historical Institute takes this opportunity to again thank you for your prayers and gracious support as we work together to treasure and trumpet the historical treasures of Lutheran history in North America.

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