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Spring 2020 CHI Quarterly

Spring 2020 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly

How about focusing on a congregation? The Spring 2020 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 93, no.1) looks at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, one of the original fourteen congregations who joined the Missouri Synod in 1847.

To accomplish this the following two articles are provided: “History of the German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul Congregation of Fort Wayne, Indiana, from 1837 to 1887” by H.G. Sauer, translated by Lauren Marinko and “‘God’s Plan – Our Future and Hope’: A Sermon Preached at the Closing of the 2018 LCMS Indiana District Convention” by John C. Wohlrabe, Jr. Also included in this issue is CHI’s “Lutheran History in North America: A Bibliography of Works Published in 2019″ by Todd D. Zittlow.

Book reviews in this issue include: John T. Pless’ review of Jonathan A. Linebaugh’s “God’s Two Words: Law and Gospel in the Lutheran and Reformed Traditions”, Jon Diefenthaler’s review of Katharine Gerbner’s “Christian Slavery: Conversation and Race in the Protestant Atlantic World,” and Jacob A. Corzine’s review of Steven D. Paulson and Scott L. Keith’s “Handing Over the Goods: Determined to Proclaim Nothing but Christ Jesus and Him Crucified.”

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