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A Personal Invitation

Our heartfelt appreciation for your continued prayers and generous support as we advance the cause of Lutheran history.

Yes,the last several months have been challenging. Lutheran congregations are closing, district offices are moving and consolidating, the benefits of making use of one’s history are at risk of being forgotten, and prices to actively manage the vast CHI collection are going up. But at the same time, opportunities continue to present themselves. For example, new caches of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts are making their way to CHI, to be assessed, cataloged, and made discoverable for research. More resources are being digitized for instant access across the world. And we are finding a new generation of Lutherans hungry to learn more about their distinctive Lutheran heritage.

At this important time of the year, we invite you to make a difference in what we can do together to bend the arc and advance the cause of preserving and proclaiming Lutheran history. Please attend our annual membership meeting on November 2nd, and make your most generous donation to the cause of Lutheran history today.

Thank you for being an active partner in this incredibly important ministry of honoring and sharing historical treasures with the church and the world.

-Rev. Dr. Daniel N. Harmelink, Executive Director

Because of your support…

CHI has advanced the cause of Lutheran history in the following ways:

CHI Monograph Series

We are excited to launch a new series of books that promote the rediscovery of our shared Lutheran history. Our latest monograph, Rediscovering the Issues Surrounding the 1974 Concordia Seminary Walkout, has paved the way for deeper conversation and education on the historical and theological background of the events of the February 19, 1974 Concordia Seminary walkout. Be on the lookout in 2024 for new and engaging volumes in CHI’s Monograph Series, and learn more about partnering in this ongoing project here.

Digital Resources

The tools available for research are expanding for individuals interested in (re)discovering their Lutheran history. From our Martin Chemnitz exhibit to our Walther sermon database, and our entertaining and educational Facebook page, these resources provide a wider range of quick access to our members as well as researchers around the globe. Explore our current offerings and help us further these resources here.

Touchstones of Lutheran History

The Institute strives to encourage and educate believers of all ages through its museum exhibits, artifacts, and publications. We recently began partnering with local homeschool families in the St. Louis area to further stimulate interest in early LCMS history and missions. Discover how CHI is connecting the church of today with her past and participate in this vital work here.

With your continued support…

CHI can do even more to move Lutheran history forward, such as:

Walther League Museum Exhibit

Research, design, and installation require partnerships to share the significant history of our Lutheran youth and preserve the stories of our past. Learn more about this project and how your support is vital for the creation of our Walther League Museum exhibit here.

Goal: $20,000

History of LCMS Missions

The Institute curates the history of LCMS missions by preserving artifacts, digitizing materials, and publishing monographs on the history of mission work in Japan, Brazil, and Panama. Sharing the legacy of missions is possible because of our faithful supporters—like you! See how you can be a part of mission history here.

Goal: $14,000 per book

Concordia Bronxville Archive

As the Department of History and Archives of the LCMS, we will be preserving the history of Concordia College—New York: shipping materials to St. Louis, processing artifacts and documents, and maintaining and preserving the collections. Join us in honoring the legacy of our Concordias here.

Goal: $10,000

Multimedia Studio

With your financial support, CHI can take the next step in sharing our historical treasures through a variety of media formats appropriate for younger and older audience alike. Partner in the creation of perennial, professional-quality media resources here.

Goal: $8,000

Contribute to the 2023 End of Year Appeal today!

We ask that you prayerfully consider making your most generous gift towards sustaining the mission of Concordia Historical Institute. Will you join us in furthering the legacy of Lutheranism?
In addition to your annual CHI membership, please make your most generous gift today with a monthly recurring or one-time gift. Learn more and give now at concordiahistoricalinstitute.givecloud.co.

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