Touchstones of Lutheran History

Bringing Lutheran History to Life

How do we pass on our rich history as Lutherans in North America—the stories of how God has sustained us in good times and bad—to the next generation? With touchstones of Lutheran history.

For decades, Concordia Historical Institute has provided opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to find an entrypoint to their Lutheran history. For example, we have a long-standing practice of maintaining an on-site exhibit that is open to the public. This is actually a very unusual offering from an archive, especially one as specialized as the Institute. We have also published free bulletin inserts for topics like the history of LCMS missions in India, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, or the 175th anniversary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, CHI offers something for everybody.

In the last year, CHI has worked to increase our outreach and event offerings in our community. Recently, a homeschool group has started coming in weekly to learn about the history of the LCMS. This kind of work is absolutely crucial to training up the next generation in pious gratitude for God’s unfailing provision, and it’s the kind of work that we thrive on. By providing points of access to learn about our past, we encourage good stewardship and faithfulness now and in the days to come.

Our Hands, Your Help

Concordia Historical Institute hopes to continue guiding the next generation into tomorrow by providing a firm grasp of the past. We rely on the support of our donors to increase the resources and opportunities we offer to young scholars. Will you join us?

Become a Partner in Marking the Touchstones of Lutheran History

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