Concordia Bronxville Archive

Cherishing the Legacy of a Beloved College

An integral part of Concordia Historical Institute’s mission is to keep the history of North American Lutheran institutions past and present—including honoring the legacies of all of the LCMS colleges, including Concordia Bronxville.

Whenever a church, mission, organization, school, or college closes, we find ourselves with a meaningful and often massive task on our hands at CHI. Creating archival collections for Concordia Portland and Concordia Selma, for example, involved travel, extensive shipping, and re-organization, all before they could enter our stacks and catalog as resources accessible to the public. It also takes great skill and long hours to take raw archival material and transform it into something that scholars, alumni, and interested researchers can use and understand.

Types of documentation and artifacts that we receive from a closed Concordia may include:

  • Yearbooks
  • Accounting records
  • Personnel files
  • Meeting minutes
  • Photographs and multimedia
  • Art collections
  • Trophies and plaques
  • Hard drives and flash drives
  • Campus newspapers or magazines
  • Personal papers

Each of these categories is dealt with differently. Some require different kinds of storage (for example, a reel-to-reel tape must be shelved separately from hand-written letters) or may be in need of restoration or additional research, like a piece of artwork missing a label or a trophy with a vague inscription.

Because of the age and size of Concordia Bronxville, we anticipate our archival process to be a long one. In order to document and honor the legacy of our Concordias, we need your help.

Our Hands, Your Help

We have estimated a need for an additional $10,000 in funding in order to properly archive the documentation from Concordia Bronxville. This will go towards the extensive and expensive task of finding, gathering, collating, organizing, cataloging, storing, and making accessible these treasures.

Clearly, it is no small task. Nevertheless, it is a vital project for memorializing God’s work in our Synod. Will you join us in treasuring and trumpeting Christ’s work through our Concordia colleges?

Become a Partner in the Concordia Bronxville Archive

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