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Summer 2018 CHI Quarterly

Summer 2018 CHI Quarterly

Hot off the presses (and delivered in the St. Louis heat)! The Summer 2018 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 91, no.2) has been received from the printer and has been delivered to our mail vendor.

The Summer 2018 issue provides some theologically focused historical articles as well as some personal interest historical accounts, a nice mix for summer reading!


The first article by the Rev. Dr. David Zersen, a frequent contributor, provides us with a look at one of Jan Kilian’s theological views. His article, “An Isolated Texas Lutheran Scholar Living in Hope”, provides a look at Kilian’s millennialistic views. This is followed by Jan Kilian’s own, “Theses and Sentences to be Debated”, translated by Dr. Zersen. A worthy contribution by Seminarian Nathaniel S. Jensen, “C.F.W. Walther on Dancing and the Theater”, looks at the early and later views of Walther on these topics. James A. Lange provides us with a look at a seminarian’s pre-marriage correspondence in his, “Courtship Through Correspondence: A Seminarian’s Experience”. The final contribution by Anita Reith Stohs, which also utilizes a seminarian’s correspondence, is titled, “Letters from the Heart of Texas: A Seminary Student’s Vicarage Year in South Central Texas”.


Three book reviews are contained in this issue: Jack D. Ferguson reviews Kate Allen and John E. Ingulsrud’s CHI Award winning, “The Norwegian-American Lutheran Experience in 1950’s Japan: Stepping Up to the Cold War Challenge”. James L. Brauer reviews, “Five Centuries: The Wends and the Reformation”, which was edited by David Zersen. Henry V. Gerike reviews another CHI Award winning contribution, “Charles W. Ore: An American Original”, edited by Irene Beethe.

The Quarterly is sent to all members of the Institute. It is available as a subscription only without membership for $40.00 per year. Single copies are $10.00 for issues published during the past three years and $4.00 for earlier issues. Shipping and handling are extra for back issues.

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