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Fall 2018 CHI Quarterly

Come celebrate the goodness of the Lord! The Fall 2018 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 91, no.3) has just been issued. It celebrates the history of Concordia University St. Paul as it observes its 125th anniversary. This issue contains no book reviews but rather focuses totally on the grace God has shown to the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod through one of its schools of higher education.

Articles by Dean Wenthe, the sainted Kenneth Kaden, Jane Wilke, Thomas Saylor, Paul Hillmer, Suzanne Hequet and the current president of Concordia, Thomas Ries, fills this whole issue with a look at the past, thanksgiving for the present and a vision for the future of Concordia University St. Paul.

The Quarterly is sent to all members of the Institute. It is available as a subscription only without membership for $40.00 per year. Single copies are $10.00 for issues published during the past three years and $4.00 for earlier issues. Shipping and handling are extra for back issues.

CHI Quarterly Back Issues Available

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