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Spring 2023 CHI Quarterly

Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Volume 96 Number 1

Don’t know much about the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America? This issue should help in that regard! The Spring 2023 Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 96, no.1) contains four articles related to the Synodical Conference: one from the beginning, one from the middle, and two from today. Three book reviews are provided at the end of the issue.


The initial article of the issue is the “President’s Report from the Proceedings of the Thirty-fifth Convention of The Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America” by Ludwig Ernst Fuerbringer. It provides a brief history of the Synodical Conference until 1936. The next article, by the Rev. Peter M. Prange, is entitled, “The Synodical Conference: Founded on Fundamental Unity.” He presented it at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 150th Anniversary  of the founding of the Synodical Conference at the same church.


The Rev. Dr. Mark Braun preached the anniversary sermon, entitled, “The Wonderful blessing of Christian Unity”, based on Psalm 133, which is provided as the next article in the issue.  Both the Prange article and Braun sermon were presented on July 10, 2022. The final article is entitled, “Sermon at the Opening of the First Assembly of the Synodical Conference” by C.F.W. Walther. This translation is the work of Joel R. Baseley.


The first review, by Ken Schurb, is for “Broadcasting the Faith: Protestant Religious Radio and Theology in America, 1920-50” by Michael E. Pohlman.

The second review, by Jan W. Lohmeyer, is for “Transatlantic Encounters in History of Education: Translations and Trajectories From a German-American Perspective” by Fanny Isensee, Andreas Oberdorf, and Daniel Topper, editors.

The third and final review, by the sainted Alvin J. Schmidt, is for “Birth Control Battles: How Race and Class Divided American Religion” by Melissa J. Wilde.

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