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The study of commemorative medals can be highly valuable to the field of history.  From the sixteenth century onward, medals have been struck or cast to commemorate significant historic events, such as a battle or military victory, and milestones in the lives of prominent persons, including a birth or death.  By studying medals, historians can see the advance of art throughout history and can broadly compare how different generations have regarded a specific historic event or person.

Concordia Historical Institute is home to the most significant Reformation coin and medal collection of any institution outside of Germany with over 850 pieces.    A catalog of the Institute’s entire Reformation coin and medal collection, printed by Concordia Publishing House, will be available in 2016.  The following pages feature 12 different medals from the collection that include an image or reference to Jan Hus.   Click a link below to see a specific medal or click First Medal to see them all individually.

R 1530-01  (100th Anniversary of the Death of Jan Hus)

R 1617-22  (100th Anniversary of the Reformation)

R 1717-14  (200th Anniversary of the Reformation)

R 1717-79  (200th Anniversary of the Reformation)

R 1717-86  (300th Anniversary of the Death of Jan Hus)

R 1720-10 (Protestant Reformers)

R 1730-09  (200th Anniversary of the Augsburg Confession)

R 1883-15  (400th Anniversary of the Birth of Martin Luther)

R 1965-01  (550th Anniversary of the Death of Jan Hus)

R 1999-05  (350th Anniversary of First Lutheran Church)

R 2014-01  (600th Anniversary of the Death of Jan Hus/500th Anniversary of the Reformation)

R 2015-01  (500th Anniversary of the Reformation)


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