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John Hus (Image found in

John Hus
(Image found in “Das Leben des Johann Hus” edited by Conrad Baer)



Jan Hus was born in the village of Husinec in Bohemia around 1373.  His surname in Czech (Bohemian) means “goose” and he often referred to himself as such.  Even though he was born to a poor family, Hus spent much of his early life at the University of Prague.  It was there that he received his Bachelor of Arts (1393), Bachelor of Theology (1394), and Master of Arts (1396).  After he completed his time as a student, he continued to serve there as a lecturer, and finally as rector of the University in 1402.  Hus was ordained a priest in 1400.  After his ordination, he began preaching at Bethlehem Chapel, which was established to offer preaching in the common language.  His preaching was popular, especially among the nobility.

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