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Historical Footnotes 2016

The Historical Footnotes have reappeared! Volume 61 of the biannual newsletter of Concordia Historical Institute has just been received from the printer and has been sent out to its members.

While this issue covers activities for 2016 and is a combined issue, the 2017 issues already have their articles planned and, quoting Dr. Harmelink, Executive Director of CHI, “CHI is redoubling its efforts to move Lutheran History forward in significant ways that will impact our service to the church and community for decades to come.”

Volume 61 has articles covering CHI’s Awards Banquet of 2016; Saxon Lutheran Memorial’s Fall Festival of 2016; CHI’s Reformation exhibit at the 2016 LCMS Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; A reading list for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017; a report on the Auxiliary of CHI’s fall event on the Augsburg Confession in numismatic art; a report on the CHI rare book collection; a notice on a KFUO microphone, which is part of CHI’s collection, which is on display in Wittenberg, Germany; how to sponsor a CHI project; donations to CHI “In Memory of …”; a report on new desktop publishing resources at CHI; and an article on busting the myth of always wearing white gloves in archives.

Members can look forward to these and future fascinating articles as we “move Lutheran history forward – together”!

Historical Footnotes is sent to all members of the Institute. The current issue is available to non-members for $2.00, with back issues available to members and non-members for that same price. Shipping and handling are extra for back issues.

Historical Footnotes Back Issues Available

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