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Department of Archives and History of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
The Auxiliary of CHI

Please join The Auxiliary of Concordia Historical Institute on October 13, 2016 to hear a discussion of “The Augsburg Confession in Numismatic Art”. The Rev. Dr. Daniel N. Harmelink, the Executive Director of Concordia Historical Institute and the President of the International Association of Reformation Coins and Medals, will be giving a visual presentation of…


  Calling all Walther Leaguers! Concordia Historical Institute is embarking on an organizational history of the Walther League. We are seeking individuals who would be interested in sharing their memories of their Walther League years. If you would be interested in filling out a short questionnaire about your time as a Leaguer, please click here….


  There is only one month remaining to view the Concordia Historical Institute’s extensive museum exhibit “Bringing Christ to the Highlands,” featuring LCMS mission work that began in 1948. The CHI exhibit frames the work of Christ and the Gospel in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with a series of paintings done by missionary Robert Kroenke,…


The Spring 2016 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 89, no.1), is hot off the press! The Rev. Dr. Jack D. Ferguson, a frequent contributor, provides us with his article, “‘Mid Tumult of Her War: The Doctrine of the Church and the Office of the Holy Ministry Following the 1841 Altenburg Debate”; the…

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The Winter 2015 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 88, no.4), continuing its new expanded format, provides four articles, one of which is a continuation from the previous issue. Missouri District president, the Rev. Dr. R. Lee Hagan, who served as pastor at Biltz’s church – St. Paul Lutheran Church, Concordia, Missouri, provides…

Kevin Parviz 2

Join us at  CHI to hear Rev. Kevin Parviz speak on… “The History of Jewish Evangelism in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod” March 10, 2016 : Thursday : 1:00 – 3:00pm


The Fall 2015 issue of the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Vol. 88, no.3), continuing its new expanded format, provides three articles, two of which are one of a multi-part article on various Lutheran historical groups. These groups provide insight on how the Word of the Lord grows in new corners of the vineyard. Warren R….

Aux Dec 2015a

Join us this December 10 for the CHI Auxiliary Christmas Luncheon featuring Rev. Dr. Ron Rall speaking on “The Gutnius Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea.”


Concordia Historical Institute is pleased to announce the first event of it’s new speakers series, “Historically Speaking”. The inaugural speaker is Tim Townsend, award-winning author of Mission at Nuremberg: An American Army Chaplain and the Trial of the Nazis. Mission at Nuremberg is the gripping story of Lutheran minister Henry Gerecke, who served as an…

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