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Spring 2024 CHI Quarterly

Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Volume 97 No.1 Spring 2024

Has it been fifty years already? The Spring 2024 issue of Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (Volume 97, Number 1) provides reflections on the 1974 Concordia Seminary Walkout from seminarians of the time. It does this through four articles.


First of these articles is by the Rev. Terry Weinhold, entitled, “A Student during the Walkout from Concordia Seminary”. The Walkout occurred when he was a first-year student at the seminary and he was one of the students who stayed at “801”.

The Rev. Dr. Leon G. Rosenthal provides us with the second article, entitled, “Reflections on the Seminary Walkout from a Student Who Left but Eventually Returned”. He provides some valuable insight into the views of the student majority who left Concordia Seminary. He also provides his reasons for ultimately returning to the Missouri Synod.

The third article, entitled, “Memories of the 1974 Concordia Seminary Saint Louis Walkout”, by the Rev. Dan Gilbert. He provides a perspective of one who was originally outside the Missouri Synod and didn’t go through the educational “system” of the Synod.

The fourth article, entitled, “Memories of the Exodus: 1972-1976”, is by the Rev. Gary R. Hoffstetter. These are his remembrances of his time as a student. Rev. Hoffstetter also provided the photos for this issue.


The first review, by Michael Wilke, is for “Rediscovering the Issues Surrounding the 1974 Concordia Seminary Walkout“, edited by Ken Schurb.

The second review, by Ken Schurb, is for “Memories of the Walkout from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis“, edited by Ted Mayes.

The third and final review, by David C. Pelsue, is for “Thank You Lord for the Privilege“, by Eunice Redeker Hausler.

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