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Walther League Project Update

Walther League bracelet and charm

Walther Leaguers! Walther Leaguers! One And All Are We!

The Walther League Project is underway and making tremendous strides! Notices for a call for participants were placed in The Reporter, Lutheran Witness and pertinent alumni bulletins as well as CHI’s Historical Footnotes, website and Facebook page. At this time, we have received over 120 responses to the questionnaire. These responses are being entered into a database that will help us gather not only statistics, but rich memories of the experiences of the Walther Leaguers from the 1930s through the 1970s!

One of the goals of this project is to produce a short documentary of Walther League memories as told by those whose lives were impacted by the league. This documentary will be part of a museum exhibit on the Walther League that will open in 2019.

This project is being graciously funded by a grant from the Norman and Lois Hansen Trust. The Hansens were long-time Walther Leaguers. If you would like to add to the grant for this project, or simply leave a memorial to Concordia Historical Institute for the permanent care of documents and artifacts, please contact Brigitte Conkling at bconkling@lutheranhistory.org or 314-505-7925.

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