1594 Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, hero of the Thirty Years’ War and defender of Protestantism, was born (d. 16 November 1632).

1608 John Milton, English poetic theologian and hymnist, was born in London (d. 8 November 1674).

1667 William Whiston, English mathematician and theologian, was born (d. 22 August 1752).

1699 Johann Christian Olearius, consistorial councilor at Halle, died (b. 1646).

1732 Michael Christian Knoll, Lutheran pastor, arrived in New York (b. 27 August 1696, Rendsburg, Holstein).

1839 The log-cabin college (seminary) at Altenburg (Dresden), Perry County, Missouri, was dedicated. It was the beginning of Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis).

1840 Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone (18131873) set sail on his first journey to Africa.

1843 The world’s first commercial Christmas cards were created in England.

1847 John William Eloheimo, founder of the Suomi Synod, was born in Sahalaks, Finland (d. 8 December 1913).

1863 G. Campbell Morgan, English Congregational clergyman and Bible expositor, was born in Gloucestershire, England (d. May 1945).

1870 The Society of Biblical Archaeology was founded in London for the investigation of the archaeology, history, arts and chronology of ancient and modern Assyria, Palestine, Egypt, Arabia and other biblical lands, the promotion of the study of the antiquities of these countries and the record of discoveries hereafter to be made in connection therewith.

1877 George N. Allen (b. 7 September 1812, Mansfield, Massachusetts), American music scholar, died at Cincinnati, Ohio.

1893 George Job Elvey, English sacred music composer and organist, died at Windlesham, Surrey, England (b. 27 March 1816).

1905 An Act for the Separation of Church and State became law in France abrogating the Concordat of 1801 and other related legislation.

1907 Christmas seals first went on sale in the United States, supporting the fight against tuberculosis.

1951 Savior Lutheran Church, Caracas, Venezuela, was organized.

1975 Alabama Lutheran Academy (Concordia College, Selma, Alabama) was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

1979 Fulton J. Sheen (b. 8 May 1895), American Roman Catholic archbishop and broadcaster, died in New York City.

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