498 After the death of Anastasius II, Symmachus  was elected Pope in the Lateran Palace, while Laurentius was elected Pope in Santa Maria Maggiore.

1220 Pope Honorius III (11481227) crowned Frederick II (11941250) as Holy Roman Emperor in an attempt to reestablish relations between the emperor and the pope.

1439 The bull Exultate Deo announced agreement between the Armenians and the Latins at the Council of Florence.

1518 The faculty at Wittenberg wrote to Frederick III (14631525), elector of Saxony, attesting to their complete agreement with Martin Luthers views.

1672 Justus Falckner, one of the pioneers of Lutheranism in America, was born in Langen-Reinsdorf, Saxony (d. 1723).

1693 Robert Seagrave, hymnist, was born at Twyford, Leicestershire, England (d. ca. 1759).

1708 Magnus Daniel Omeis, hymnist, died at Altdorf (b. 6 September 1646, Nuernberg).

1786 Cyrus Kingsbury, missionary to Choctaw Indians, was born in Alstead, New Hampshire (d. 27 June 1870, Choctaw mission station, Indian Territory).

1805 James Read Eckard, missionary to Ceylon, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 12 March 1887).

1808 Thomas Cook, missionary to Ruttandshire who formed a tourist agency in his own name (hence the term  Cooks tour),
was born in Melbourne, Derbyshire, England (d. 18 July 1892, Leicester, Leicestershire).

1813 Carl Wilhelm Grönning, missionary to India, was born at Fredericia, Denmark (d. 7 February 1898).

1840 Daniel W. Whittle, American evangelist, was born in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts (d. 4 March 1901, Northfield, Massachusetts).

1849 Austin College was chartered in Huntsville, Texas, by Presbyterians. In 1876 the school campus was moved to Sherman, Texas.

1851 Revere Franklin Weidner, president and professor of dogmatics and Hebrew exegesis at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary from 1891 to 1915, was born in Center Valley, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (d. 5 January 1915).

1863 Ditlef G. Ristad, hymnist, born at Overhallen, Norway (d. 20 September 1938). He attended the Klaebu Normal School and became a teacher at the Namsos Middle School in Norway. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1887 and attended Luther Seminary (Saint Paul, Minnesota) and Chicago University. He held pastorates at Edgerton, East Koshkonong, Rockdale and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. From 1901 to 1919 he served successively as president of Albion Academy, Park Region Luther College and the Lutheran LadiesSeminary (Red Wing, Minnesota). In 1897 he edited the  Lutheran Sunday-school Hymnal and served on the committee for the Lutheran Hymnary and the Lutheran Hymnary Junior. In 1922 he published a volume of poems in the Norwegian language. [The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal, comp. W. G. Polack (Saint Louis: CPH, 1942): 568]

1867 Christian James Broders, military chaplain during the Spanish-American War and missionary to Brazil, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana (d. 27 November 1932).

1877 Abbe Livingston Warnshuis, Reformed Church in America missionary at Amoy, China, was born in Clymer, New York (d. 17 March 1958).

1900 Arthur S. Sullivan, English religious composer, died (b. 13 May 1842).

1918 Mikko Einar Juva, president of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), was born in Kaarlela, Finland (d. 1 January 2004).

1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, president of the United States, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

1963 C. S. Lewis (b. 29 November 1898), Anglican scholar, novelist and Christian writer, died.

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