1093 Saint Margaret of Scotland, wife of Malcolm III of Scotland, died (b. ca. 1045).

1414 The Council of Constance was convened. This conclave, which lasted until 22 April 1418, ended the Great Schism within the church by deposing three rival popes. The council also brought to trial and executed two Bohemian reformers: John Huss (1415) and his close friend Jerome of Prague (1416) and anathematized the teachings of the English reformer John Wycliffe (ca. 13291384).

1548 Caspar Creuziger, editor of Martin Luthers works, died at Wittenberg (b. 1 January 1504, Leipzig).

1757 Daniel Read, composer, was born at Attleboro, Massachusetts (d. 4 December 1836, New Haven, Connecticut).

1803 Ludwig Adolf Petri, Lutheran theologian, was born at Lüthorst, Hannover (d. 1873).

1822 Samuel Kistler Brobst, editor of Der Lutherische Kalender and also an English almanac and co-founder of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Mount Airy (Philadelphia) and Muhlenberg College at Allentown, was born in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania (d. 23 December 1876).

1853 William Gardiner, composer, died at Leicester, England (b. 15 March 1769, Leicester).

1863 Carl Ernst Christoph Ochs, missionary to India, died (b. 10 February 1812).

1869 Johann Michael Reu, professor at Wartburg Theological Seminary (Dubuque, Iowa), was born in Diebach, Bavaria (d. 14 October 1943).

1870 William Mahler, first Missouri Synod missionary to Brazil (19001914), was born in Polkwitz, Germany (d. 22 January 1966).

1881 The pastors who left the Missouri Synod as a result of the Predestination Controversy held their first organizational meeting in Blue Island, Illinois.

1885 Cephas Bennett, Baptist missionary printer in Burma, died (b. 20 March 1804, Homer, New York).

1886 Edmund Brandt was born in Sebewaing, Michigan (d. 25 October 1962, Portland, Oregon). He graduated from Concordia
Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1911 and served as a pastor at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (19111918), and Everett, Washington (19181921). He became a professor at Concordia College (Portland, Oregon) in 1921.

1894 James McCosh (b. 1 April 1811), Free Church of Scotland philosopher and educator, died.

1895 Samuel Francis Smith, American Baptist clergyman and hymnist, died (b. 21 October 1808).

1913 Walter Guenther Tillmanns, professor at Wartburg College (Waverly, Iowa), was born in Altenburg, Germany (d. 10 June 1966).

1928 Kristian Anker, Danish American Lutheran leader, died (b. 29 October 1848, Denmark).

1946 The Evangelical United Brethren Church was organized in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, as a merger of the Evangelical Church and the Church of the United Brethren in Christ.

1952 The religious program Our Goodly Heritage was first broadcast over CBS television. It ran for five years. This Sunday morning Bible study program was hosted by William Rush Baer of New York University.

1961 Walter William Frederick Albrecht, professor at Concordia Theological Seminary (Springfield, Illinois) died (b. 10 December 1885).

1964 Karl Evald Mattson, president of Augustana College (Rock Island, Illinois), died (b. 9 October 1905, Warren, Minnesota).

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