354 Saint Augustine, greatest of the early Latin church fathers, was born at Tagaste in Numidia, North Africa (d. 28 August 430).

867 Pope Nicholas I died (b. ca. 820) and was replaced by Adrian II (at the age of 75).

1004 Abbon or Abbo of Fleury died (b. ca. 945 near Orleans).

1486 Johann Eck, German theologian and defender of Catholicism during the Protestant Reformation, was born (d. 13 February 1543).

1504 Philip of Hesse, a leading champion of the Reformation and one of the most important German rulers of the Renaissance, was born in Marburg, Germany (d. 31 March 1567).

1523 Martin Luthers Formula Missae (Formula of the Mass) was published.

1564 Pope Pius IV (14991565) ordered his bishops, superiors and scholars to subscribe to  Professio Fidei (Profession of the [Tridentine] Faith) formulated at the Council of Trent (15451563) as the new and final definition of the Roman Catholic faith.

1618 The Third Synod of Dort convened. The opposition of Arminius to the Augustinian and Calvinistic doctrines on predestination had given rise to a bitter controversy. The doctrine of absolute predestination was maintained by the synod, and Arminianism was condemned.

1821 G. H. Jäbker, a charter member of the Missouri Synod, was born at Wimmern, Hanover (d. 20 June 1877).

1844  Ohio Wesleyan University, named after John Wesley (17031791), founder of Methodism, opened as a Methodist-related but nonsectarian institution, with a College of Liberal Arts for male students.

1849 C. F. W. Walther (18111887) was named professor of the Missouri Synods seminary that had moved from Perry County, Missouri, to Saint Louis.

1867 A colloquy between the Missouri and Iowa synods was held in Milwaukee (through 18 November) on the matter of open questions.

1874 Edward Mote, English cabinetmaker and hymnist, died at Horsham, Essex, England (b. 21 January 1797, London, England).

1890 Henry Martyn Dexter, hymn translator, died in Boston (b. 13 August 1821).

1899 William Romanis, hymnist, died (b. 30 April 1824).

1907 Francis Thompson (b. 18 December 1859), English poet, died.

1922 The first classes were held at Alabama Lutheran Academy (later Concordia College, Selma, Alabama). This school would be forced to close April 28, 2018 because of declining enrollment and funding.

1935 George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002, was born.

1949 The Lutheran Hospital at Vicksburg, Mississippi, was dedicated.

1950 Martin Graebner, president of Concordia College (Saint Paul, Minnesota), died (b. 22 September 1879, Milwaukee).

1966 Mount Olive Lutheran Nursery, Rennie’s Mill, Hong Kong, was dedicated.

1996 The Lutheran Church of Christ the Savior, Almaty, Kazakstan, was official recognized by the Ministry of Justice in Kazakstan. This was the first church since the 1940s to be so recognized. Rev. Ted Kuster and his wife, Helga, had been serving as evangelistic missionaries in Kazakstan since 1994 with the Evangelical Lutheran Ministries in Kazakstan (ELUMIN). They helped the congregation to formally organize a year prior to this approval, and Rev. Kuster continued as interim pastor until the church could call a native pastor.

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