627 Justus, fourth Archbishop of Canterbury, died. A Roman by birth, he was one of the missionaries sent to England, by Pope Gregory II at the request of St. Augustine of Canterbury in 601.

1444 Battle of Varna: The crusading forces of King Vladislaus III of Varna (aka Ulaszlo I of Hungary and Wladyslaw III of Poland, b. 31 October 1424) were crushed by the Turks under Sultan Murad II, and Vladislaus was killed.

1483 Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany (d. 18 February 1546).

1549 Pope Paul III died (b. 29 February 1468).

1565 Laurentius Paulinus Gothus, Swedish theologian, astronomer and Archbishop of Uppsala, was born (d. 29 November 1646).

1734 Bartholomaeus Crasselius, hymnist, died at Duesseldorf, Germany (b. 21 February 1667, Wernsdorf, Saxony).

1735 Granville Sharp, English lawyer and abolitionist, was born (d. 6 July 1813).

1766 Queens College was chartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, under the Dutch Reformed Church. In 1825 the school was renamed Rutgers College. The present name of Rutgers University was adopted in 1924.

1777 Solomon Henkel, printer and physician, was born (d. 31 August 1847).

1844 Henry Eyster Jacobs, leading theologian of the General Council, was born (d. 7 July 1932).

1851 The Texas Synod was organized at Houston by six pastors under the leadership of C. Braun, who had been sent to Texas by William A. Passavant.

1852 Henry van Dyke, American Presbyterian clergyman and professor of English literature at Princeton University, was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania (d. 10 April 1933).

1857 Henry William Behrens (18271900), South African missionary, was sent by the Hermannsburg Mission Society to Africa, where he worked among the Zulu Kaffir in Natal for six years, then among the Bechuanas.

1861 Philip Martin Ferdinand Rupprecht, house editor at Concordia Publishing House, was born in North Dover, Ohio (d. 5 July 1942).

1864 Karl Graul, Lutheran scholar and director of the Dresden-Leipzig Missionary Society, died in Erlangen (b. 6 February 1814).

1871 Henry Morton Stanley (18411904) located missing missionary and explorer David Livingstone (18131873) in Ujiji, near Lake Tanganyika in present-day Tanzania.

1873 Bishop George David Cummins (18221876) of Kentucky withdrew from the Protestant Episcopal Church and began the formation of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

1877 Oscar Carl Kreinheder, president of Valparaiso University, was born in Buffalo, New York (d. 26 March 1946).

1889 Edwin Hatch (b. 4 September 1835), Anglican Old Testament scholar, died.

1910 The Gideons placed their first Bible in the Superior Motel in Iron Mountain, Montana.

1933 James Rowe (b. 1 January 1865), English-American writer and hymnist, died.

1946 The first Lutheran Protestant Synod of West Germany met at Lebenstadt, near Brunswick.

1946 Kirsopp Lake (b. 1872), British-American archeologist and biblical historian, died.

1952 The first Hong Kong Lutheran Hour Rally took place.

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