680 The Third Council of Constantinople opened under Pope Leo II. During its eighteen sessions (held until September 681) the Council condemned Monothelitism (a heresy that taught that Christ’s will was only divine and not human).

1535 Martin Luther and Pier Paolo Vergerio (1498–1565), Italian reformer and papal nuncio to King Ferdinand in Germany, discussed a possible council.

1637 Colonial American religious leader Anne Hutchinson (15911643) was tried and convicted of spreading heresy by the
Congregational synod of Newtown, Massachusetts.

1666 Johann Konrad Dannhauer (b. 24 March 1603), orthodox Lutheran theologian, died. [German Wikipedia article]

1785 Samuel Dyer, composer, was born in Wellshire, England (d. 20 July 1835).

1804 William Crosswell, hymnist, was born in Hudson, New York (d. 9 November 1851, Boston, Massachusetts).

1828 Joseph Henry Thayer, American New Testament lexicographer, was born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 26 November 1901).

1836 The Synod of East Ohio was organized at Somerset, Ohio. It was originally called “The English Synod and Ministerium of Ohio.” In 1840 the synod joined the General Synod, eventually entering the United Lutheran Church.

1837 Elijah P. Lovejoy (b. 9 November 1802), American Presbyterian abolitionist newspaper editor, was murdered.

1847 Carl H. F. Frincke (18241905), the first home missionary of the Missouri Synod, was ordained in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

1847 Will Lamartine Thompson, American songwriter, was born in East Liverpool, Ohio (d. 20 September 1909).

1852 John Cawood (b. 18 March 1775), hymnist, died.

1854 Peter Sorenson Vig, Danish Lutheran leader in America, was born at Egtved, near Kolding, Denmark (d. 21 March 1929).

1856 The Synod of Southern Illinois was organized at Jonesboro, Illinois.

1873 John Christian Frederick “Father” Heyer (b. 10 July 1793), the first American Lutheran missionary to India, died.

1877 African American mission work of the Synodical Conference began in the South.

1880 Nils J. Bakke (18531921), pioneer Synodical Conference missionary to African Americans, was ordained.

1906 Eugene Carson Blake, American Presbyterian clergyman, was born in Saint Louis, Missouri (d. 31 July 1985).

1918 William Franklin (“Billy”) Graham, Jr., American evangelist, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina (d. 21 February 2018, Montreat, North Carolina).

1932 Henry Philip Ludwig Birkner, vice-president of the Atlantic District of the Missouri Synod from 1915 until 1918 and president of the district from 1918 to 1930, died (b. 26 February 1857).

1948 The first Missouri Synod Lutheran worship service was held in Papua New Guinea at Yaramanda.

1962 Otto Albert Ferdinand Geiseman, pastor at Wenona, Pekin and River Forest, Illinois, and an occasional speaker on the  Lutheran Hour radio program, died (b. 8 August 1893, Sioux City, Iowa).

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