1525 Martin Luther introduced the German liturgy at the city church of Wittenberg. It was the first completely German mass, instituted after insistent calls for an order of service in German.

1675 Andreas Hammerschmidt (b. 1611 or 1612, Brüx [Most], Bohemia), composer, died at Zittau.

1768 Joseph Grigg, hymnist, died at Walthamstow, Essex, England (b. ca. 1720, probably London, England).

1837 Abraham Kuyper, Dutch Calvinist theologian and statesman, was born near Rotterdam, Holland (d. 8 November 1920).

1839 Philipp Friedrich Adolph Theodor Spaeth, president of the General Council, was born in Esslingen, Wuerttemberg, Germany (d. 25 June 1910).

1846 The practical seminary at Fort Wayne, Indiana, which developed into the current Concordia Theological Seminary in that city, opened.

1848 Kristian Anker, American Danish Lutheran leader, was born in Odense, Denmark (d. 16 November 1928).

1869 E. O. Sellers, American Baptist music evangelist and educator, was born in Hastings, Michigan (d. 19 October 1952, Eola, Louisiana).

1900 Frederic L. Godet (b. 1812), Swiss Reformed theologian, died.

1919 A. B. (Albert) Simpson (b. 15 December 1843), founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, died.

1930 The organizational meeting for the American Lutheran Conference began.

1936 Knut Gjerset, Norwegian American Lutheran professor, died (b. 15 September 1865).

1954 Anna Belle Russell (b. 21 April 1862), active American Methodist lay person and hymnist, died.

1967 The Lutheran Church of All Nations, Hong Kong, was dedicated.

1975 LCMS missionaries Dennis Hilgendorf and John Stelling were evacuated from Beirut, Lebanon.

1977 The Lutheran ChurchHong Kong Synod voted unanimously to apply for membership in the Lutheran World Federation.

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