625 Pope Boniface V died (pope from 619 to 625. He did much for the Christianising of England and enacted the decree by which churches became places of refuge for criminals.

1147 The German forces in the armies of the Second Crusade (11451149) were destroyed by the Saracens at Dorylaeum (modern western Turkey).

1147 Forces under King Afonso I of Portugal captured Lisbon from the Moors after a four-month siege during the Second Crusade.

1200 Conrad of Wittelsbach died. He was the Archbishop of Mainz (as Conrad I) and Archchancellor of Germany from 20 June 1161 to 1165 and again from 1183 until his death.

1512 Martin Luther began his study of the Psalms at the University of Wittenberg. He would begin his first series of lectures on the Psalms almost ten months later.

1514  William Elphinstone, Scottish statesman, Bishop of Aberdeen and founder of the University of Aberdeen, died (b. 1431).

1564 Hans Leo Hassler, German sacred musician, was born at Nuernberg, Bavaria (d. 8 June 1612).

1648 My Soul, Now Praise Your Makerwas sung at the conclusion of the Thirty Years War by the residents of Osnabrueck, Westphalia.

1659 Nicolas Brady, hymnist, was born in Bandon, England (d. 20 May 1726).

1701 William Penn (16441718) was granted the city charter to Philadelphia.

1757 Antoine Augustin Calmet, French Benedictine theologian whose work inaugurated a new method of Biblical exegesis that departed from the custom of giving an allegorical (mystical) and tropological (moral) interpretation to Biblical texts besides the literal, died (b. 26 February 1672).

1800 Jacques Paul Migne, French ecclesiastical publisher, was born near Orleans, France (d. 24 October 1875).

1811 Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther, Missouri Synod founder, theologian and first president, was born at Langenchursdorf, Saxony (d. 7 May 1887, Saint Louis, Missouri).

1812 Frederic L. Godet, Swiss Reformed theologian, was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland (d. 1900).

1819 Mary Fawler Hooper Maude, hymnist, was born Bloomsbury, London, England (d. 1913).

1825 Johann Strauss Jr., composer, was born (d. 3 June 1899).

1849 Benjamin Abbot, educator, died at Exeter, Massachusetts (b. 17 September 1762).

1894 J. G. Kunstmann, professor at Concordia College (Fort Wayne, Indiana), was born in Murtoa, Australia (d. 29 October 1988, Chapel Hill, North Carolina). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1916 and served as a professor at Fort Wayne beginning in 1918.

1916 Gotthardt Dellman Bernheim, Lutheran pastor and educator in the Carolinas, died (b. 8 November 1827).

1953 Alfred O. Fuerbringer was installed as president of Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis).

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