1047 Pope Clement II died (b. 1005).

1201 Robert de Sorbon, French theologian and founder of the Sorbonne, was born (d. 15 August 1274).

1555 Justus Jonas, Martin Luther’s co-worker, died (b. 5 June 1493).

1561 The Colloquy at Poissy ended. Held near Paris, this conference between the French Roman Catholic bishops and the Protestant ministers (led by Theodore Beza, 15191605) paved the way for an edict in 1562 that officially recognized and gave limited freedom to French Protestantism.

1601 Nicholas Krell, Calvinist leader during the Crypto-Calvinistic Controversy, was beheaded by the Catholic Emperor (b. ca. 1551).

1635 Colonial American Separatist Roger Williams (16031684) was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for preaching that civil government had no right to interfere in religious or ecclesiastical affairs.

1776 Father Francisco Palou founded Mission San Francisco de Asís, the first mission chapel on the northern California coast at Yerba Buena. In 1847 the name of the city that grew up around the mission was changed to San Francisco.

1782 Frederick A. C. Muhlenberg (17501801) was re-elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly.

1793 Jean Joseph Marie Amiot, French Jesuit missionary to China, died (b. February 1718).

1821 William Alfred Passavant, founder of American deaconess work, was born at Zelienople, Pennsylvania (d. 3 June 1894).

1829 William Hurn, hymnist, died at Woodbridge, England (b. 21 December 1754).

1833 Philip Augustus Henkel, who helped organize the Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod, died (b. 23 September 1779).

1845 English churchman John Henry Newman (18011890), co-founder of the Oxford Movement, made his celebrated conversion from Anglicanism to the Roman Catholic Church.

1890 Aimee Semple McPherson, American religious leader, was born in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada (d. 27 September 1944).

1897 Gustav Axel Aho, hymn translator, was born in Sebeka, Minnesota (d. 12 December 1973).

1905 Karl Evald Mattson, president of Augustana College (Rock Island, Illinois), was born in Warren, Minnesota (d. 16 November 1964).

1924 Eugen Adolf Wilhelm Krauss, director (president) of the Addison teachers seminary and a professor at Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis), died (b. 4 June 1851).

1939 Friedrich Pfotenhauer, fifth president of the Missouri Synod, died (b. 22 April 1859).

1958 Pope Pius XII died (b. 2 March 1876).

1958 Walter August Baepler, president of Concordia Theological Seminary (Springfield, Illinois) and author of A Century of Grace: A History of the Missouri Synod, 1847-1947, died (b. 21 September 1893).

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