Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, Pastor

1518 Martin Luther reached Augsburg for an interview with Thomas Cardinal Cajetan (14691534). He discussed his 95 theses, but the conversation broke down with Cajetan telling Luther to stay away unless he would recant unconditionally.

1565 Johann Mathesius, Luther biographer and hymnist, died (b. 24 July 1504).

1573 William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, was born (d. 10 January 1645).

1651 Jacques Sirmond, French Jesuit scholar who brought out many editions of Latin and Byzantine chroniclers of the middle ages, died (b. 12 or 22 October 1559).

1653 Fausto Poli, Italian Catholic priest and private secretary to Pope Urban VIII (15681644), for whom he purchased old works or art and commissioned new works, died (b. 17 February 1581).

1772 John Woolman (b. 19 October 1720), American Quaker preacher, died.

1802 Magnus B. Landstad, hymnist, was born at Maaso, Finmarken, Norway (d. 8 October 1880).

1810 Henry Alford, compiler of the first comprehensive English commentary on Greek New Testament, was born in London (d. 12 January 1871).

1831 Nicholas Collin, prominent Swedish pastor in America, died (b. 1745).

1834 Charles C. Converse, American lawyer and sacred music composer, was born in Warren, Massachusetts (d. 18 October 1918).

1835 Folliott Sanford Pierpoint, classics instructor and hymnist, was born in Bath, England (d. 10 March 1917).

1847 Eugen Adolf Notz, professor of Hebrew in the Wisconsin Synod, was born at Haberschlacht, Wuerttemberg, Germany (d. 5 February 1903).

1847 G. Henry Weygandt, who helped form the Ohio Synod, died (b. 2 May 1779).

1854 John George Schmucker, who helped found the General Synod and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, died in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania (b. 18 August 1771, Michaelstadt, Darmstadt, Germany).

1855 Johann Paul Beyer (1832–1905), president of the Eastern District of the Missouri Synod, was ordained.

1860 Simon Peter Long, professor and president of the Chicago Lutheran Bible School, was born in McZena, near Londenville, Ashland County, Ohio (d. 3 January 1929).

1877 The Synodical Conference officially began African American mission work in the U.S.

1887 George J. Webb, American organist of sacred music and composer, died in Orange, New Jersey (b. 24 June 1803).

1925 Hubert P. Main (b. 17 August 1839), American sacred music editor, died.

1978 Robert V. Schnabel was inaugurated as the fifth president of Valparaiso University since the Lutheran University Association secured control of the institution in 1925.

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