1489 Wessel Harmensz Gansfort (sometimes incorrectly called Johann Wessel), humanist and pre-Lutheran reformer, died (b. 1419, Groningen, Netherlands).

1512 Martin Luther was made a licentiate at Wittenberg, Germany.

1515 Lucas Cranach the Younger, German painter, was born (d. 25 January 1586).

1529 The Marburg Colloquy closed. Disagreement over what actually takes place at the Eucharist (The Lord’s Supper) prevented union among Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon (14971560), Huldrych Zwingli (14841531) and Johannes Oecolampadius (14821531).

1535 The Coverdale Bible was issued. Printed by Myles Coverdale (14881568), it was an English version of the Bible completed in London.

1542 Robert Bellarmine, Roman Catholic prelate and controversialist, was born (d. 17 September 1621).

1570 Péter Pázmány, Hungarian cardinal and statesman, was born (d. 19 March 1637).

1582 Saint Teresa of Ávila (b. 28 March 1515), Spanish Carmelite nun, died.

1582 Pope Gregory XIII (15021585) implemented the Gregorian calendar.

1667 Johann Heinrich Schröder, hymnist, was born at Hallerspringe, near Hanover (d. 30 June 1699).

1669 Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon  van Rijn, known as the “painter of the soul” for his unsurpassed Christian art, including “The Return of the Prodigal Son,” died (b. 15 July 1606).

1691 Louis Abelly died (b. 1603). He was a Roman Catholic theologian and strong opponent of Jansenism and Gallicanism.

1773 Harriet Auber, hymnist, was born (d. 20 January 1862).

1777 Peter Muhlenberg (17461807) commanded a brigade at the Battle of Germantown.

1782 Richard Boardman, Irish missionary to the United States, died in Ireland (b. 1738).

1848 John Hunt, missionary to the Fiji Islands, died on the Fiji Islands (b. 13 June 1812).

1858 Dorothy Frances (Blomfield) Gurney, English devotional writer and hymnist, was born in London, England (d. 15 June 1932, Notting Hill, London, England).

1860 Jacob Miller was born (d. 11 May 1933, Fort Wayne, Indiana). From 1896 until 1933 he was the pastor and pastor emeritus of Saint Paul Lutheran Church (Fort Wayne, Indiana). He also served as a vice-president of the LCMS.

1864 Theodore Fliedner, renewer of society, died (b. 21 January 1800).

1876 Johannes Rebmann, East Africa missionary and explorer, died (b. 16 January 1820).

1880 Homer A. Rodeheaver, American song evangelist and publisher, was born in Union Furnace, Ohio (d. 18 December 1955, Winona Lake, Indiana).

1890 Catherine Booth, English “mother of the Salvation Army,” died (b. 17 January 1829).

1893 Walter A. Maier, founder and first speaker on The Lutheran Hour, was born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 11 January 1950).

1902 Gregory Dix, Anglican Benedictine scholar, was born (d. 1952).

1957 The Rhenish Mission Church constituted itself the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southwest Africa.

1965 Pope Paul VI (18971978) arrived in New York City, the first pope in history to visit the Americas.

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