1226 Francis of Assisi, Christian mystic and Italian religious leader, died (b. 26 September 1181).

1649 Giovanni Diodati, Swiss protestant clergyman and author of the translation of the Bible into Italian (1603, edited with notes, 1607), died (b. 6 June 1576).

1690 Robert Barclay (b. 23 December 1648), Scottish Quaker theologian, died.

1700 Johann S. Kunth, hymnist, was born at Liegnitz, Silesia (d. 7 September 1779, Baruth). He studied theology at the universities of Jena, Wittenberg and Leipzig. In 1730 he was appointed pastor at Pölzig and Bröckau, near Ronneburg, and in 1737 he became chief pastor at Löwen, Silesia. In 1743 he became pastor and superintendent at Baruth, near Jüterbog, Brandenburg. [The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal,  comp. W. G. Polack (Saint Louis: CPH, 1942): 533]

1713 Johann Friedrich Flattich, Swabian preacher and pedagog, was born at Beihingen (d. 1 July 1797). [German Wikipedia article]

1803 Christian Wilhelm Gerike, Lutheran missionary in India, died (or October 2). [German Wikipedia article]

1804 Allan Kardec, French founder of Spiritism, was born (d. 31 March 1869).

1806 Oliver Cowdery, early Mormon leader, was born (d. 3 March 1850).

1832 Carolina (Lina) Vilhelmina Sandell Berg, Swedish Lutheran hymnist, was born in Froderyd, Smaland, Sweden (d. 27 July 1903).

1868 Gottlieb Bassler, president of the Pittsburgh Synod and first president of the General Council, died (b. 10 December 1813).

1875 James Cameron, Madagascar missionary, died (b. 6 January 1800).

1875 Hebrew Union College was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the first Jewish college in the U.S. established to train men for the rabbinate.

1881 Orson Pratt, Mormon leader, died (b. 19 September 1811).

1883 Ernest A. Lussky was born in Sterling, Illinois (d. 10 April 1970, Saint Paul, Minnesota). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1906 and served as a professor at Concordia College (Saint Paul, Minnesota) for his entire career of fifty-five years. His field was classical languages, particularly Latin.

1892 Samuel Longfellow, American clergyman and brother of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (18071882), died (b. 18 June 1819). Like his brother, Samuel also wrote and published collections of verse.

1919 Daniel B. Towner (b. 5 April 1850), American music evangelist, died.

1929 The Church of Scotland merged with the United Free Church of Scotland, retaining the name  Church of Scotland.

2005 Wesley W. Isenberg, a graduate of Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) and professor for 40 years at Concordia University Chicago (River Forest, Illinois), translator of The Gospel of Philip in the Nag Hamadi Library, died (b. 18 June 1931, Chicago).

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