965 John XIII became pope (d. 6 September 972).

1404 Pope Boniface IX died (b. 1356).

1511 A Holy League consisting of Spain, Sicily, England and Germany was formed against France.

1529 The Marburg Colloquy between Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli (14841531) began (through October 4).

1540 Johann Jakob Grynaeus, Swiss protestant clergyman, was born (d. 13 August 1617).

1571 Peter Herbert, hymnist, died (b. Petrus Hubertus, ca. 1535, Fulneck, Moravia).

1661 Ahasverus Fritsch (Ahasuerus; 1629–1701), composer, was made Doctor of Law by the University of Jena.

1666 Joachim Neander (1650–1680), Reformed hymnist and composer, entered the Academic Gymnasium in Bremen as a student.

1693 Pedro Abarca, Spanish Jesuit theologian, died (b. 1619).

1746 John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, Lutheran patriot and pastor, was born in Trappe, Pennsylvania. He died on this same date in 1807.

1753 Thomas Olivers (17251799), traveling evangelist and hymnist, began his evangelistic career.

1812 The first conference of Lutheran ministers west of the Allegheny Mountains met at Stecher’s Church, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Those present were John Stauch, Wm. Geo. Foerster, John Reinhard, Jacob Leist, Henry Huet and A. Weyer.

1878 The Regions Beyond Missionary Union (founded 1873) opened Harley College in Bow, Ireland.

1882 The Evangelical Lutheran  Concordia Synod of Pennsylvania and Other States became a member of the Synodical Conference.

1883 American religious leader Albert Benjamin Simpson (1843-1919) founded the first Bible school in America to train missionaries in New York City. Its name became the Missionary Training Institute in April 1894, and the school changed its name to Nyack College in 1972.

1889 Ralph W. Sockman, American Christian writer, was born in Mount Vernon, Ohio (d. 29 August 1970).

1898 Czar Nicholas II (1868-1918) expelled the Jews from major Russian cities.

1917 The American Lutheran Publicity Bureau opened its office in New York City on East 62nd Street.

1917 The National Lutheran Commission for Soldiers and Sailors’ Welfare was organized (forerunner of the National Lutheran Council).

1917 The Lutheran Laymen’s League drafted its first constitution at the Sherman Hotel, Chicago.

1921 The Latin American Mission was incorporated in Philadelphia by founders Harry and Susan Strachan.

1921 The International Missionary Council was formed. It joined the World Council of Churches in 1961.

1937 The first Missouri Synod Pension Fund was instituted.

1940 Gustav Albert Andreen, president of Augustana College (19011935),died (b. 13 March 1864).

1949 The Chinese People’s Republic was established and forced the withdrawal of Lutheran mission personnel.

1957In God We Trust” first appeared on paper currency.

1978 Lutherans for Life was formed.

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