Jerome (ca. 345–420), Translator of Holy Scripture

653 Saint Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury, died.

1227 Pope Nicholas IV was born (d. 4 April 1292).

1444 Union with the Mesopotamian Syrians was proclaimed at the Council of Florence.

1560 Melchior Cano, Spanish theologian, died (b. 1509).

1572 Saint Francis Borgia, Jesuit priest, died (b. 28 October 1510).

1581 Hubert Languet, French diplomat and reformer, died (b. 1518).

1631 William Stoughton, American judge at the Salem witch trials, was born (d. 7 July 1701).

1709 Georg Schmidt, missionary to South Africa, was born in Kunewalde, Moravia (d. 2 August 1785).

1752 Justin Heinrich Knecht, composer, was born at Biberach, Württemberg, (d. 1 December 1817, Biberach).

1770 George Whitefield, English evangelist and Methodist leader, died, having preached his last sermon the evening before, in Newburyport, Massachusetts (b. 16 December 1714).

1779 Diego Jose Abad y Sanchez, Jesuit scholar, died in Bologna (b. 1 June 1727).

1783 Peter Muhlenberg (1746–1807) was promoted to Major General in the Continental Army.

1814 August Hardeland, Rhenish missionary to Borneo, was born in Hanover (d. 27 June 1891).

1823 Ole Jensen Hatlestad, president of the Norwegian-Danish Augustana Synod, was born (d. 7 September 1892).

1857 Carl Ross, professor at Concordia College (Milwaukee), was born in Doberman, Germany (d. 22 June 1937). He was a graduate of Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1878 and served as pastor in Town Arlington and Willow Creek, Minnesota, before becoming a professor at the Milwaukee school beginning in 1900. He
retired in August 1927.

1859 Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Hagen was born in Sterley, Lauenberg, Germany (d. 21 November 1938).

1876 Albert Theodore William Steinhaeuser, a translator of Luther’s Works, was born in Buffalo, New York (d. 1 November 1924).

1882 Johann Jakob Herzog (b. 12 September 1805), German Reformed theologian, died.

1921 Paul George Elbrecht was born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 16 January 1972, Austin, Texas).

1943 Pope Pius XII (1876-1958) issued the encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu, which emphasized, among other things, the great importance of textual criticism in biblical studies.

1946 The International Military War Tribunal at Nuremberg, Germany, having convened in November 1945, ended its investigations with the conviction of twenty-two Nazi leaders for war crimes committed against the Jewish people. Missouri Synod Pastor Henry Gerecke ministered to the prisoners during the trial. A letter signed by the prisoners and expressing appreciation for Chaplain Gerecke’s ministry is in the files at Concordia Historical Institute.

1947 Johann Flierl, “Pioneer of the Gospel among Papuans” and Lutheran missionary in New Guinea, died (b. 16 April 1858, Oberpfalz, Germany).

1951 Johann Philipp Koehler, Wisconsin Synod theologian, died (b. 17 January 1859, Manitowoc, Wisconsin).

1951 Sylvester Clarence Michelfelder, Lutheran World Federation leader,
died (b. 27 October 1889, New Washington, Ohio).

1952 The complete Revised Standard Version of the Bible was first published by Thomas Nelson and Sons.

1956 Colorado Lutheran High School, Denver, was dedicated.

1958 Elsie Singmaster, Lutheran novelist and historical writer, died (b. 29 August 1879,
Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania).

1962 Ludwig Fuerbringer Hall (library) was dedicated at Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis).

1970 The complete New American Bible was published in Paterson, New Jersey. It was the first Catholic-sponsored English translation of the Scriptures taken directly from the original Greek and Hebrew and was intended to replace the 1610 Douay version of the Bible.

1997 Alwin Ellis Nieting died in Rogers, Arkansas (b. 2 August 1919). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1944 and served as a pastor in Oklahoma and South Dakota. He became district executive of the South Dakota District and of the Iowa District and was later elected president of Iowa District West. He retired in 1985.

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