79 Pope Linus died. Saint Linus is considered by Roman Catholics as the second leader of the Christian church in the city of Rome.

1122 The Concordat of Worms brought to an end the first phase of the power struggle between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Emperors.

1529 The Siege of Vienna began as Suleiman I (14941566) began his attack on the city.

1536 Pope Paul III (b. 29 February 1468; elected 12 October 1534; d. 10 November 1549) called a church council to be held at Mantua for the purpose of the utter extirpation of the poisonous, pestilential Lutheran heresy. The council was never held.

1571 John Jewel, English bishop of Salisbury, died (b. 24 May 1522).

1650 Jeremy Collier, English bishop, was born (d. 26 April 1726). He was a supporter of James II (16331701), and refused to take the oath of allegiance to William and Mary after the Glorious Revolution.

1675 Heinrich Müller, devotional writer, died (b. 18 October 1631 Lübeck, Germany). [German Wikipedia article]

1742 Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (17111787) arrived in America at Charleston, South Carolina.

1773 Johan Ernst Gunnerus, Norwegian bishop and botanist, died (b. 1718).

1779 Philip Henkel, founder of the Tennessee Synod, was born in Hampshire, Virginia (d. 9 October 1833).

1809 Otto Hermann Walther, Saxon pastor and brother of C. F. W. Walther (18111887), was born at Langenchursdorf, near Waldenburg, Saxony (d. 21 January 1841).

1822 Friedrich Lochner was born at Nuernberg, Middle Franconia, Bavaria (d. 14 February 1902). He came to America under influence of Wilhelm Loehe and served as a pastor in Pleasant Ridge and Collinsville, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he founded the Missouri Synod’s first teachers seminary; and Springfield, Illinois. He was a noted author and liturgical scholar.

1855 James Levi Barton, missionary of the American Board (Congregational) at Harpoot, Turkey, was born in Charlotte, Vermont (d. 1936).

1857 Horace Greely B. Artman, Lutheran missionary to India, was born in Zionsville, Pennsylvania (d. 18 September 1884).

1860 Richard Armstrong, Presbyterian missionary and government worker in Hawaii, died (b. 13 April 1805).

1871 Charles William Gustav Eifrig, naturalist and author, president of the Canada District of the Missouri Synod and professor at Concordia Teachers College (Addison/River Forest, Illinois), was born at Doebeln, near Waldheim, Saxony (d. 1 November 1949).

1888 Gerhard Kittel, a Lutheran scholar of the Bible, was born (d. 11 July 1948). [German Wikipedia article]

1897 Frances Elizabeth Cox, hymn translator, died (b. 10 May 1812, Oxford, England).

1902 The New York and New England Synod was organized at Utica, New York, by the English-speaking pastors of the New York Ministerium.

1906 George W. Wittmer was born in Chicago (d. 17 March 1987). He graduated from Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis) in 1930 and served as a pastor in Peoria, Illinois, and Saint Louis, Missouri. He was a vice-president and president of the Western District and vice-president of the Missouri Synod. He retired in 1975.

1907 John S. Norris (b. 4 December 1844), English-born American clergyman and composer, died.

1951 Mill Neck Lutheran Manor for the Deaf was founded.

1969 Martin Paul William Simon, missionary to China and author, died (b. 16 February 1903).

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