407 John Chrysostom, bishop of Constantinople, one of the most popular preachers in the early church, died (b. 349).

604 Pope Sabinian was consecrated (d. 22 February 606).

608 Saint Eulogius of Alexandria died. Patriarch of that see from 580 to 607, he was a successful combatant of the heretical errors then current in Egypt, notably the various phases of Monophysitism.

1309 A pair of French inquisitors arrived in England to prosecute the Knights Templar. They were stopped by English Common Law.

1541 John Calvin (1509–1564) returned to Geneva at the request of city authorities who had banished him three years earlier. There he would spend the rest of his life trying to establish a theocratic society.

1549 The first session of the Council of Trent closed.

1635 The Massachusetts General Court ordered Separatist preacher Roger Williams (1603–1683) into exile.

1682 Thomas von Westen, apostle to the Norwegian Lapps, was born in Trondheim, Norway (d. 9 April 1727).

1793 John Scudder, Dutch Reformed missionary to Ceylon and India, was born in Freehold, New Jersey (d. 1855).

1801Eli Smith, missionary, was born in Northfield, Connecticut (d. 11 January 1857).

1827 Catherine Winkworth, English educator and translator of German hymns, was born in London (1 July 1878).

1835 Andreas Wright, founder of Norwegian-Danish Augustana Synod in America and the United Norwegian Lutheran Church in America, was born in Norway (d. 15 November 1917).

1843 Heinrich Christian Schwan (1819–1905), third president of the Missouri Synod, was ordained after tutoring since 1842.

1845 William W. Walford’s (17721850) hymn Sweet Hour of Prayer first appeared in print in the New York Observer.

1863 Cyrus Adler, American Jewish scholar, was born in Van Buren, Arkansas (d. 7 April 1940, Philadelphia).

1865 Maud Ballington Booth, American religious and welfare leader, was born in Surrey, England (d. 26 August 1948).

1893 Concordia College (Saint Paul, Minnesota) opened.

1896 The Missouri Synod’s work in London, England, began.

1903 Godfrey Thring, Anglican clergyman and hymnist, died (b. 25 March 1823).

1903 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, London, England, was founded.

1904 Frederick Whitfield (b. 7 January 1829), Anglican clergyman and hymnist, died.

1927 Johann Friedrich Zucker, Missouri Synod professor at Concordia College (Fort Wayne, Indiana) and missionary to India, died (b. 2 September 1842, Breitenau, Bavaria).

1931 Pentecostal preacher Aimee Semple McPherson (1890–1944) married unknown vaudeville performer David Hutton. McPherson’s third marriage ended in divorce in 1934.

1933 Franklin Pierce Manhart, president of the General Council, died (b. 30 August 1852, Catawissa, Pennsylvania).

1942 Otto Carl August Boecler, Missouri Synod seminary professor, died (b. 3 November 1875).

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