Gregory the Great, Pastor

1658 Oliver Cromwell, leader of the Puritan Revolution, died (b. 25 April 1599).

1709 Leopold F. F. Lehr, hymnist, was born in Kronenburg, near Frankfort-am-Main (d. 26 January 1744).

1793 John Scudder Sr., Dutch Reformed missionary to Ceylon and India, was born in Freehold, New Jersey (d. 13 January 1855).

1798 August L. C. Kavel, who led the 18381839 emigration of “old Lutherans” to Australia, was born in Berlin, Germany (d. 11 February 1860).

1807 Charles Frederick Schaeffer, Ohio Synod Lutheran theologian, was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania (d. 23 November 1879).

1833 Stephen Klingmann, president of the Michigan Synod, was born in Gau Angelloch, Baden (d. 17 April 1891).

1847 James Hannington, missionary to Central Africa, was born at Hurstpierpoint, near Brighton, England (d. 29 October 1885).

1873 John George Peter Drach, General Synod leader, was born in Greenport, Long Island, New York (d. 2 October 1957).

1894 H. Richard Niebuhr, American neo-orthodox theologian, was born in Wright City, Missouri (d. 5 July 1962).

1895 Philipp Koehler, champion of confessional Lutheranism, died (b. 8 October 1828, Neuwied).

1934 Evangeline Cory Booth (18651950), daughter of founder William Booth, became the fourth elected commander and the first woman general of the Salvation Army in London, England.

1939 American Presbyterian evangelist W. E. Biederwolf (b. 1867) died.

1958 B. D. Ackley (b. 27 September 1872), American sacred music composer, died.

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