Monica, Faithful Mother (of Saint Augustine)

1431 The Council of Basel, commonly referred to as the Council of Florence, (1431–-1449) began. This was the last of the councils of the conciliar movement.

1521 Josquin des Prez, Flemish composer who was admired by Martin Luther, died (b. ca. 1450).

1526 The First Diet of Speyer closed.

1556 Charles V (1500–-1558), emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (1519–-1555), stepped down from his throne.

1660 As the monarchy was restored in England, the works of poet John Milton (1608–-1674), who supported the Parliament, were burned by royal decree.

1696 Michael Christian Knoll, early Lutheran pastor in New York, was born in Rendsburg, Holstein.

1727 Count Nicolaus von Zinzendorf’s (1700–-1760) Moravian community at Herrnhut, Germany, began a round-the-clock “prayer chain.”

1770 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher, was born (d. 14 November 1831).

1782 Henrietta Luise von Hayn, composer, died at Herrnhut (b. 22 May 1724, Idstein, Hesse-Nassau).

1846 Gottfried Wilhelm Fink, composer, died (b. 7 March 1783).

1851 John Philip, South African missionary, died (b. 14 April 1775).

1865 L. I. Nommensen (1834–-1918), sent by the Rhenish Mission Society, entered the Batak land in Sumatra.

1876 Famed English clergyman G. Campbell Morgan (1863–-1945), at age thirteen, preached his first sermon in the Monmouth Methodist Chapel of Tetbury, England.

1877 Lloyd C. Douglas, American Lutheran minister and religious novelist, was born in Columbia City, Indiana (d. 13 February 1951).

1894 Charles William Forman, missionary to India, died (b. 3 March 1821).

1949 Arthur J. Brunn, vice-president of the Missouri Synod, died (b. 10 July 1880, Chicago).

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