Saint Mary, Mother of Our Lord

1096 The First Crusade set out from Europe to rescueJerusalem from the Muslim Turks.

1195 Anthony of Padua, a popular preacher and student of Francis of Assisi (11811226), was born in Lisbon, Portugal (d. 13 June 1231).

1248 The foundation stone of the Cologne Cathedral, built to house the relics of the Three Wise Men, was laid. Construction was eventually completed in 1880.

1456 Many believe this to be the day Johannes Gutenberg (ca. 14001468) completed the Mazarin Bible, the first book printed with movable type.

1534 Ignatius of Loyola (1491–1556) and six others at Montmartre near Paris took the vows that led to the establishment of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).

1549 Spanish Jesuits led by Francis Xavier (1506–1552) became the first Christian missionaries in Japan.

1601 John Campanius, Swedish missionary to the American Indians, was born in Stockholm (d. 17 September 1683).

1613 Jeremy Taylor, Anglican clergyman and writer, was born in Cambridge, England (d. 13 August 1667).

1740 Matthias Claudius, pious German poet and prosaist, was born (d. 21 January 1815).

1771 Sir Walter Scott, poet and hymn translator, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland (d. 21 September 1832).

1790 John Carroll (1735–1815) was consecrated at Lulworth Castle in England as the first Roman Catholic bishop in the U.S.

1802 John Hampden Gurney, hymnist, was born in Serjeants’ Inn, London (d. 8 March 1862, London, England).

1804 Simeon Howard Calhoun, missionary in Lebanon and Syria who helped translate the Bible into Turkish, was born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 14 December 1876).

1835 The Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Indiana was organized at Saint John Church, Johnson County, Indiana.

1847 Heinrich Zacharias Stallmann, president of the Lutheran Free Church of Germany, was born in Bremen, Germany (d. 26 February 1933).

1853 Frederick William Robertson (b. 3 February 1816), Anglican clergyman, died.

1889 Theodor Christlieb, missions leader, died at Bonn, Germany (b. 7 March 1833, Birkenfeld, Württemberg). [German Wikipedia article]

1898 Peder Andreas Rasmussen, who helped found the United Norwegian Lutheran Church in America, died (b. 9 January 1829, Stavanger, Norway).

1913 Hermann Daniel Uhlig, pioneer deaf missionary and director of the Detroit Institute for the Deaf, died (b. 8 November 1847).

1954 The second assembly of the World Council of Churches convened at Evanston, Illinois.

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