523 John I (d. 526) was consecrated pope.

1587 The first American Indian converted to Protestantism was baptized. Manteo was baptized by members of Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition to Roanoke, Virginia. Raleigh later named him Lord of Roanoke.

1617 Johann Andreas Quenstedt, Lutheran theologian, professor and author, was born at Quedlinburg (d. 22 May 1688).

1619 Danish Lutherans arrived in Hudson Bay.

1667 Jeremy Taylor, who wrote the spiritual classics Holy Living and Holy Dying, died (b. 1613, Cambridge, England).

1682 The first Welsh immigrants to the American colonies arrived in Pennsylvania. They were Quakers and later settled just north of modern Philadelphia.

1727 Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (17001760) organized Bohemian Protestant refugees into the Moravian community of “Unitas Fratrum” (united brotherhood).

1777 Martin Stephan, leader of the Saxon Lutheran immigration to Missouri in 1838/1839, was born in Stramberg, Silesia (d. 21 February 1846).

1821 Henry Martyn Dexter, hymn translator, was born in Plympton, Massachusetts (d. 13 November 1890).

1839 George W. Chamberlain, missionary in Brazil, was born (d. 31 July 1902).

1851 Felix Adler, German-American educator and reformer, was born in Alzey, Germany (d. 24 April 1933).

1878 Elizabeth P. Prentiss (b. 26 October 1818), U.S. school teacher and poet, died.

1887 Andrew Gordon, Presbyterian missionary to India (West Pakistan), died (b. 17 September 1828, Putnam, New York).

1908 Ira D. Sankey (b. 28 August 1840), U.S. song evangelist, died.

1910 Florence Nightingale, pioneer in caring for wounded, died in London (b. 12 May 1820).

1912 William G. Fischer (b. 14 October 1835), New England bookbinder and sacred chorister, died.

1918 Howard E. Smith (b. 16 July 1863), American sacred music organist, died.

Jacob A. O. Preus II (b. 8 January 1920) died in Burnsville, Minnesota.

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