117 Marcus Ulpius Trajan (b. 18 September 53), Roman emperor (98117), died.

1316 John XXII (12491334) was elected pope.

1409 The Council of Pisa ended. The council was convened to find a solution to the Great Schism (1378-1417) caused by the election of two rival popes, one in Avignon, France, the other in Rome.

1518 Martin Luther received the pope’s order to be at Rome within sixty days to be tried for heresy.

1587 William Allen (15321594) was made a cardinal. He had left England when the Protestant Elizabeth I came to the throne, urged Catholics to rebel against the queen, founded the college of Douai to train English priests and oversaw the Douai English translation used by many Catholics.

1615 Melchior Vulpius, composer, died (b. ca. 1560, Wasungen, near Meiningen, Germany).

1635 Friedrich Spee, hymnist, died (b. 25 February 1591, Kaiserswerth, near Düsseldorf, Germany).

1667 John Wilson, missionary to American Indians and a colonial clergyman, died.

1760 Frederick H. Quitman, New York Ministerium president, was born in Iserlohn, Duchy of Cleves, Westphalia, near the lower Rhine (d. 26 June 1832).

1831 F. W. (Frederic William) Farrar, Dean of Canterbury, was born in Bombay, India (d. 1903).

1852 Franklin L. Sheppard, U.S. Presbyterian organist and denominational leader, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 15 February 1930).

1858 Theodore Henry Lamprecht, president of the Lutheran Laymen’s League, was born in New York City (d. 30 April 1928).

1875 Ernst Heinrich Klotsche, General Synod professor, was born in Elstra, near Kamenz, Saxony, Germany (d. 11 February 1937).

1899 A. B. (Alexander Balmain) Bruce, Scottish Free Church theologian, died (b. 31 January 1831).

1902 The Education Act was passed in British Parliament, requiring that all religious training in the secular schools be done according to the parents’ faith.

1913 E. L. Arndt (18641929) preached his first sermon in Chinese.

1924 Kent Sigvart Knutson, president of The American Lutheran Church, was born in Goldfield, Iowa (d. 12 March 1973).

1960 The Roman Catholic church formally voiced concern in a pastoral letter over the treatment of the church by the communists of Cuba.

1961 Frank N. Buchman (b. 4 June 1878), American evangelist, died.

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