1370 The Brigittine order was approved. Founded by Saint Bridget of Sweden, it was one of the most popular female orders, spreading to fourteen countries until it was suppressed by the Reformation.

1530 Lutherans were offered the Confutation of the Augsburg Confession.

1536 John Calvin (15091564) first arrived in Geneva.

1540 Joseph Justus Scaliger, French history scholar, was born in Agen, France (d. 21 January 1609).

1552 Maurice, Elector of Saxony (15211553), retook Augsburg from Emperor Charles V (15001558).

1570 Spanish Jesuits, intent on converting the Native Americans, set forth from their base in Havana on their Ajacán Mission, seeking to establish a new outpost to be called Saint Mary’s Mission in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Six months later the Native Americans massacred the group. It was led by Father Juan Bautista de Segura. Their deaths in February 1571 led to the withdrawal of other Jesuit missionaries from the Virginia area.

1579 Stanislaus Hosius (b. 5 May 1504), Polish cardinal and Counter-Reformation leader, died.

1604 John Eliot, the “Apostle to American Indians,” was baptized (d. 21 May 1690).

1633 George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, died at Croydon (b. 19 October 1562, Guildford, England).

1658 Eight Quakers from England arrived in Boston. They were immediately imprisoned without trial by the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and were kept until the vessels that brought them were readied to return to England (similar incidents also occurred in 1657 and 1659).

1744 John Christopher Kunze, pioneer American Lutheran pastor, was born in Artern, near Mansfeld, Saxony, Germany (d. 24 July 1807).

1751 John Cuthbertson, America’s first Covenanter pastor, arrived in America.

1760 Basil Woodd, hymnist, was born at Richmond, Surrey, England (d. 12 April 1831).

1800 Jacob van Buskirk, probably the first American-born Lutheran pastor, died (b. 11 February 1739, Hackensack, New Jersey).

1835 Thomas M’Crie (b. November 1772), Scottish divine and church historian, died.

1842 Niels Thomsen, missionary to India who helped organize the Danish American Lutheran Mission Society, was born in Denmark (d. 18 April 1892).

1859 Hermann Speckhard, vice-president of the Missouri Synod, was born in Friedberg, Hesse, Germany (d. 28 December 1916).

1869Grant Colfax Tullar, U.S. Methodist music evangelist, was born in Bolton, Connecticut (d. 20 May 1950, Ocean Grove, New Jersey).

1930 Paul Wilbert Lapp, Lutheran professor and archaeologist, was born in Sacramento California (d. 26 April 1970).

1933 Otto Heinrich Theodor Willkomm, president of the Saxon Free Church, died (b. 30 November 1847, Ebersbach, Lusatia, Saxony).

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