435 Nestorius (ca. 356ca. 451), the originator of Nestorianism, was exiled by Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II to a monastery in Egypt.

1057 Pope Stephen IX (d. 29 March 1058) was consecrated.

1407 William Thorpe, purported to be a follower of John Wycliffe, was martyred.

1492 Christopher Columbus (14511506) set sail from Spain.

1528 Martin Luther’s infant daughter Elisabeth died.

1530 A shorter revision of the Confutation to the Augsburg Confession, prepared by Eck, Cochlaeus, Wimpina, Dietenberger, Faber and others, was accepted by the Roman Estates.

1632 Joshua Stegmann, German theologian and hymnist, died (b. 14 September 1588, Sulzfeld, near Meiningen, Germany).

1740 J. F. Oberlin, social reformer, pastor and philanthropist, was born in Alsace (d. 1 June 1826).

1785 The first Episcopal ordination in the United States took place.

1825 Joshua Edwards Ford, missionary to Syria, was born in Ogdensburg, New York (d. 3 April 1866).

1836 Augustus H. Strong, U.S. Baptist theologian, was born in Rochester, New York (d. 1921).

1858 Maltbie D. Babcock, U.S. Presbyterian clergyman and hymnist, was born in Syracuse, New York (d. 18 May 1901).

1874 Henry Harmon Spalding, missionary to American Indians in the Northwest, died (b. ca. 1803/04, Bath, New York).

1884 Louise Elisabeth Ellermann, the first Missouri Synod medical missionary to India, was born in Evansville, Indiana (d. 11 January 1957).

1897 Emily E. S. Elliott (b. 22 July 1836), Anglican missions supporter and hymn writer, died.

1900 John T. Scopes, who would gain fame for his conviction for teaching evolution, was born (d. 20 October 1970).

1902 Regina Jonas, the first Jewish woman in the world to be ordained as a rabbi and do social, theological and religious work as such, was born in Berlin (d. 12 December 1944, Auschwitz Concentration Camp).

1902 Martin Noth, Old Testament scholar, was born in Dresden, Germany (d. 30 May 1968).

1920 Representatives of seventy-eight church bodies from forty nations met in Geneva, Switzerland, to institute the World Conference on Faith and Order.

1933 Adam Geibel (b. 15 September 1885), sacred music editor, died.

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